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Discussion in 'The Dead Zone' started by mstay, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. Angelo Bottigliero

    Angelo Bottigliero Well-Known Member

    In Dutch that would be doodkalm :)
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  2. Ebdim9th

    Ebdim9th A Man's Chord

    Interesting how close they are together... cool....
  3. Grandpa

    Grandpa Well-Known Member

    It's my favorite Stephen King novel.

    The main character is entirely likable and relatable and trapped by circumstances into doing something horrible against every principle he has. The bad guy is one of the best because he's set up so well to be unlikable yet believable. The love interest story is sad and sweet. And the ending just topped it off very nicely in the mood of the book.

    Loved this one.

    I enjoyed the TV series, too, but with the understanding that it and the book are not the same. You have character names that are the same, but that's where you leave it, and then enjoy it or not on its own merits.
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  4. blunthead

    blunthead Well-Known Member

    It seems I read or heard him describe what inspired The Dead Zone, though I might be thinking of another book instead. On an aside, sK has said that he recommends this book as an sK starter.
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  5. Grandpa

    Grandpa Well-Known Member

    In On Writing, he says the seed of the project was
    can someone believably and sympathetically be led to attempt a political assassination?
    or something to that effect.
  6. blunthead

    blunthead Well-Known Member

    Yes, I remember that. Maybe that's what I was thinking. My impression after reading was of a very well-written book. Curiously, I decided, when thinking of which sK to suggest to a friend wanting to know where to start, that this was my choice for her. Then later read that sK himself also recommends it.
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  7. momique

    momique Active Member

    I'm loving it thus far.
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  8. taggs7475

    taggs7475 Well-Known Member

    I absolutely loved this book!
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  9. TheLastCoyote

    TheLastCoyote New Member

    My favorite too.
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  10. Pucker

    Pucker Here comes Pucker in his U.N.C.L.E. sweater

    Oh my, yes.

    I would say that politicians are most decidedly scary.

    The only thing scarier than a politician is an uninformed voter . . . but I digress.

    You would like to think that a guy like this couldn't slip through the cracks in our "information overload" society, but I've noticed an odd thing about the media where I live, and I'm not sure I would be counting either actual media watchdogs -- or even this fine "social" media we've got -- to rid us of someone who was engaging enough and got enough "likes."

    This is a thing I see happening more and more:

    Everyone is turning inward. Look at me! Look at me!

    Here's me at the Grand Canyon. Here's me at the Brandenburg Gate. Here's me on SKMB!

    And while we're all busy making sure everyone can see us all the time . . . well . . . who really knows what the Greg Stinson's of the world are doing?

    Could it happen "in real life"?

    Bet your boots and mittens.

    ; )
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  11. Sunlight Gardener

    Sunlight Gardener Well-Known Member

    Politicians scare me more than anything else out there fictional or real. Watching how they operate over the course of my life has led me to think that there isn't one alive who has a single moral scruple or wouldn't do absolutely ANYTHING to get what they want...which is mostly power and financial gain.
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  12. Pucker

    Pucker Here comes Pucker in his U.N.C.L.E. sweater

    Sometimes I'm not sure if it's really scary . . . or just sad.

    I mean, it's true enough that when the Bush/Obama house of cards comes tumbling down (and mathematics dictates that it must) a lot of people who didn't really do anything wrong are going to suffer things they're not ready for. But I'm more troubled by the ease with which so many of these people can look us right in the eye and lie.

    I was reading the thread about Cecil the lion a little while ago and somebody posted something like "People. Pffffft."

    With a few specific exceptions, I really couldn't agree more.
  13. Sunlight Gardener

    Sunlight Gardener Well-Known Member

    Aw heck that's a regular way of life to a Politician. All you have to do is tell everyone whatever "your people" tell you is going to win you favor with "those people" and then jump on board with said issue and pretend like you actually believe or care in the least one way or another. They are moral weather vanes just swinging in whatever direction will benefit them. They have no belief system, no morality, nothing. Basically empty shells wanting to be filled up with power and money. Ever wonder why national politicians with $100,000 or $200,000 salaries all have mega million dollar homes and private jets? Me too. I have no doubt that extra money comes in exchange for passing certain laws and getting behind certain issues that will benefit somebody or a lot of somebodies. Seems to be a great investment.

    Sorry folks, sore subject. Rant over, lol.

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