Unexpectedly creepy aspect to "Doctor Sleep"

Discussion in 'Doctor Sleep' started by Hamilcar Barca, Apr 25, 2014.

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    I agree, Walter--I need to read Doctor Sleep again, but not until the first reading has had some time to 'settle' :)
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    The no "flipping" idea was his answer to the question about "dancing hives"
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    wow...none of this ever accord to me while I read Dr. Sleep.

    can anyone name any other King story or book that is "supposed" to have
    hidden ref's to Jews... or any other group >? ...this doesn't sound like King to me.
    not his style...

    anyway, no that I've read the above it seems clear ... King must'ta had something in his mind
    while he wrote it. It seems to be 'too much' to be meaningless.

    and also, HOW INVOLVED was his son in the writing of this story? I was never clear as to
    what all the son contributed , or how much, or why he was involved at all???
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    There aren't any hidden references to Jews in King's books. They're all out in the open, right where people can read about them, like in The Dead Zone and "Apt Pupil".
    Mr. King isn't an anti-Semite and goes to great lengths to make it very clear when one of his characters is. I remember references to anti-Semitic characters in Needful Things, Under the Dome, and The Talisman, but if any of the characters in Dr. Sleep are anti-Semitic, it is not apparent, at least not to me.

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