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Discussion in '11/22/63' started by Lord Tyrion, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. The Nameless

    The Nameless M-O-O-N - That spells Nameless

    True, I think I'd rather have a tv version if it meant most of the book would be covered.

    On a slightly off topic note, I think I read that Samuel l Jackson had agreed in principle to star in a movie adaptation of one of kings books, but it is still not a done deal. Anyone know of this?

    ^edit^ It is "cell"
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  2. Lord Tyrion

    Lord Tyrion Well-Known Member

    I can see him playing Deke or Al Templeton.
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  3. Anthea M

    Anthea M Well-Known Member

    I quite like the idea of Michael Weatherly as Jake. How's about Ryan Gosling as Oswald?
  4. Lily Sawyer

    Lily Sawyer B-dazzled

    Jake Epping: Chris Pine
    Al Templeton: Bruce Weitz
    Frank Dunning: Mads Mikkelson
    Harry Dunning: Edward Norton
    Deke: Sam Elliot
    Mimi: Jean Smart
    Sadie Dunhill: Julia Styles
    Ellen: Roma Maffia
    Lee Oswald: Jim Parsons
    Marina Oswald: Malin Ackerman
  5. misery chastain loves co.

    misery chastain loves co. Well-Known Member

    Who do you guys think would be good on this show and which characters should they play?
    (Another phone reminder:sign up for Hulu)
  6. Moderator

    Moderator Ms. Mod Administrator

    We'll be moving this out of the Movies forum now that we know it's a TV series instead but merged your post into this existing one in the meantime.
  7. misery chastain loves co.

    misery chastain loves co. Well-Known Member

    Always late to the party :a11: thank you! I'll get better at searching, I promise :facepalm_smiley:
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  8. Moderator

    Moderator Ms. Mod Administrator

    No problem. With it being in the Movies forum at first, thought you might have missed it. :smile2:
  9. E.St

    E.St Active Member

    Ιt is not that I have thought about this thorougly but here are my initial candidates:
    Jake Epping: Stephen Merchant?
    Al Templeton: Christopher Lloyd
    Sadie Dunhill: Rebecca Romin (she is 5'11'' too :D)
    Harry Dunning: Brian Posehn
    Frank Dunning: Neil Flynn. I know, weird huh? :D
    Mimi: Isabella Rosellini
    Deke: Sam Elliot sounds great but I would go with John Hurt too.
    Oswald: That's very difficult. No idea.

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