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Discussion in 'Blaze' started by Israel Regardie, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. Can't make my mind up. Is this book worth the purchase? Reviews are so varying.
    Is it as good as Roadwork or Rage? Is it near those in genre?
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  2. kingzeppelin

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    Obviously peoples taste in literature vary, one man's meat etc. but I'd recommend Blaze.
    Very different from Roadwork & Rage, and for some reason it reminded me of The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon.
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  3. skimom2

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    I liked it quite a bit. It felt like a more mature story than Roadwork or Rage, to me. Less young person's rage at society and more attention to craft. If you've read Of Mice and Men, you might find it to be a nice counterpoint.
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  4. blunthead

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    Welcome to the SKMB! What zep said. What I've learned is not to trust what anyone else, even a CR, to turn me off to an sK title. The only way I can know if I like his work is to read it myself.
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  5. king family fan

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  6. carrie's younger brother

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    If you read and liked Joyland then Blaze is up your alley. Like skimom2 said, Blaze is about the writing and the story, not about the thrills, chills and whatever other things that "go bump in the night" one comes to expect from "classic" SK.
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  7. Shasta

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    I didn't love it. But I've read everything King has written and even if I didn't love everything, it's all worth it.
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  8. Lily Sawyer

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    I liked Blaze. I don't think it's Mr. King's best efforts, but it was definitely worth reading to me.
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  9. xkittyx

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    I've read it twice, and really enjoyed it both times :)
  10. That's the thing though... I didn't like Joyland. In fact, Joyland made me loose some faith in King. It seemed to have no heart or passion.
    Roadwork, Rage and Dead Zone are my favourites, especially Roadwork which seems like a master work with no gimmicks or frills. But is Blaze like Joyland, i.e. a pale imitation of genre?

    I've decided to give Mr Mercedes a chance once the paperback price drops below 5$ :)

    GNTLGNT Why Chew Through The Restraints?

    ...Blaze is not a masterwork, but certainly worth reading...and no heart or passion in Joyland?-hmmm, you must have gotten a different version then I did....
  12. MaxShalamar

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    It's the only one of Steve's books I started but didn't finish - maybe I wasn't in the right frame of mind - will have to give it another go soon :)
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