Hearts in Atlantis
  Hearts in Atlantis
Formats: DVD / VHS
Released (US):September 28th, 2001

This movie is adapted primarily from the novella "Low Men in Yellow Coats." Bobby Garfield (Anton Yelchin--young Bobby; David Morse--adult Bobby) befriends an elderly gentleman, Ted Brautigan (Anthony Hopkins), who moves into the boarding house where he and his mother, Liz (Hope Davis), have lived since his father's death. During the summer that follows, his friendship with Ted grows as he spends time reading the newspaper to him and is hired to be on the lookout for any signs for lost animals or strange cars that may be in the neighborhood. Although he and his best friends, Carol Gerber (Mika Boorem) and John "Sully-John" Sullivan (Will Rothhaar) begin to see these strange signs, Bobby neglects to tell Ted with dire consequences.


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Hearts in Atlantis VHS
Hearts in Atlantis DVD
Hearts in Atlantis Movie
Hearts in Atlantis Movie
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