The Langoliers
  The Langoliers
Formats: Miniseries
First Aired (US):May 14th, 1995

Passengers on a transcontinental flight from Los Angeles to Boston awaken to find most of their fellow passengers missing. Their attempts to make contact with anyone are in vain and they end up landing the plane in Bangor, Maine, but the airport there is also deserted. The remaining passengers finally realize that they avoided death because they were asleep but that won’t last for long as the “langoliers” are closing in on them. In order to avoid certain death, they have to fly back to Los Angeles to “fix” the time warp in which they became trapped. That means that they must be asleep when they go through the time warp but one of them will have to remain awake to land the plane. Stephen makes a cameo appearance as a Chairman of the Board during a dream sequence by Craig Toomey (Bronson Pinchot) who is losing his grip on reality.


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