Rose Red
  Rose Red
Formats: Miniseries
First Aired (US):January 27th, 2002

Professor Joyce Reardon (Nancy Travis) and her boyfriend, Steve Rimbauer (Matt Keeslar) lead a group of psychics in an attempt to prove the existence of paranormal phenomena in a house owned by Rimbauer’s family, known as Rose Red, before it is to be sold to developers. The group is chosen for their individual talents in the paranormal and each has their own reasons for agreeing to the experiment. Annie Wheaton (Kimberly Brown), an autistic teen who has telekinetic abilities, is accompanied by her sister, Rachel (Melanie Lynskey). Emery Waterman (Matt Ross), Nick Hardaway (Julian Sands), Victor Kandinsky (Kevin Tighe), Pam Asbury (Emily Deschanel), and Cathy Kramer (Judith Ivey) round out the group. They are joined, although not by invitation, by Professor Carl Miller (David Dukes) who is attempting to discredit Reardon and Kay Waterman (Laura Kenny), Emery’s controlling mother. They find the house is still inhabited by the malevolent spirits of Rimbauer’s grandmother, Ellen (Julia Campbell) and her servant, Sukeena (Tsidii Leloka) and a former guest, actress Deanna Petrie (Yvonne Scio).

Stephen did a cameo as a pizza delivery man.


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