Dark Score Stories
An Immersive Photo Journalism Experience

A&E has launched an online narrative prequel to Bag of Bones, a two-night television event. Dark Score Stories (www.darkscorestories.com) explores the setting and characters of Bag of Bones through a series of eerie, animated images and striking black-and-white stills. Characters from the miniseries (including those played by Pierce Brosnan, Annabeth Gish and Melissa George) come to life in seven photojournalism essays with exclusive audio commentary.

The photography is by award-winning Danish photojournalist Joachim Ladefoged, whose work has previously appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Newsweek and TIME. Visitors to the site - particularly fans of Stephen's work - should pay close attention to the detailed photo essays to discover the secrets that may lurk beneath the surface of Dark Score Lake.

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Bag of Bones -Two Night Televison Event

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