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You did GREAT Detective... Tell everyone about it!00:00



How to Play:

From the main screen, pick a book (level). You will be presented with a pond to do some fishing. From within any pond, all you have to do is catch some fish!

Click or tap on a fish to try reeling it in. When you do, a trivia question relating to the Bill Hodges trilogy will appear. Answer correctly and you've caught yourself that fish. (Watch out for the pink ones! They're feisty!)

Once you've caught 9 fish, you've finished the level. You can play a level again at any time, and you'll be presented with a new pond full of fishy questions!

Music can be turned off (or on) using the pink button at the top right of your screen, and you can return to the main menu at any time by clicking "Change Book".

If you run into any problems, please let us know!


This is meant to be played in landscape mode, please rotate your device. Hurry you're wasting time.