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  Dark Tower: Treachery #5
Now Available In Stores and Online

(Marvel Press Release) [SPOILERS]  There is one man who stands in the way of Walter O’Dim’s and Good Man John Farson’s quest for power…and he must be eliminated! The critically-acclaimed comic book series, inspired by Stephen King's seminal Dark Tower, continues this week in
Dark Tower: Treachery #4 (of 6)!

After enlisting the wife of Steven Deschain, will she acquiesce to help them meet their goal? The adventures never stop in Mid-World and with the chart-topping team of writers Robin Furth & Peter David, artists Jae Lee & Richard Isanove, Roland and his Ka-Tet are being kept busy. The Crimson King will do anything to get Marelyns Grapefruit and will stop at nothing to make sure that Mid-World is plunged into chaos. With a variant cover by Daniel Acuna and a sketch cover by Jae Lee, this is one issue you won’t want to miss!  

Can Roland and his faithful Ka-Tet stop the crazed Farson from killing Gilead’s ruler? Why is the nightmare sphere so important to the Crimson King? Find out the answers and more when you witness Stephen King's magnum opus in the pages of
DARK TOWER: TREACHERY #5 (of 6), now in stores. 

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