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John Skipp & Craig Spector


Mark V. Ziesing Books

From the dust jacket:

George Romero's Night of the Living Dead is one of the most highly regarded films ever made. His own sequels to that modern classic have also been held in high regard by critics and audiences alike. In this volume, many of today's most irreverent and visionary writers of horror fiction revisit Romero's world of the Undead implacably hellbent on cannibalizing living people. The results are exciting, surprising, disturbing, and utterly orginal. Both a homage and an opportunity, these 16 stories pull no punches, and hold back nothing. Recommended for mature adult readers only, many of the themes developed in this anthology feature explicit sexual details and graphic violence on a scale rarely encountered anywhere in any form. Necrophilia is a relatively passe concept by comparison to the material herin. Be warned: this is not for the young or the squeamish. Rest assured, there is literary merit in all this nasty titllation and gore, all this unvarnished exploitation and unchecked perversion. These stories are the products of artists reflecting the unacknowledged base lusts that drive society. This book will do more than entertain; it will inform; it will edify; it will provide useful advice in the event the dead actually do renege.

Contains the short story "Home Delivery"

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