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Simon & Schuster Audio

The story of misfit high-school girl, Carrie White, who gradually discovers that she has telekinetic powers. Repressed by a domineering, ultra-religious mother and tormented by her peers at school, her efforts to fit in lead to a dramatic confrontation during the senior prom.

Includes a special introduction by Stephen.  Also includes a bonus excerpt of The Shining.

From the Box

In one way or another, everybody abused Carrie. Her fanatical mother forbade this sixteen-year-old misfit everything that was young and fun. She was teased and taunted by her classmates, misunderstood by her teachers, and given up as hopeless by almost everyone.

But Carrie had a secret: she possessed terrifying telekinetic powers that could make inanimate objects move, a lighted candle fall, or a door lock. Carrie could make all kinds of startling bizarre, and malevolent things happen. And so she did one night, when feeling scorned and humiliated. . .and growing angrier and angrier. . .she became the vengeful demon who let the whole town feel her power.

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