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February 2009

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Stephen Lang



"Duel" is about a driver menaced by a semi-truck.

Set in Nevada, "Throttle" is a about a trucker pitted against a tribe of motorcycle outlaws.

"Duel" is written by Richard Matheson.

"Throttle" is written by Stephen King and Joe Hill and is their story inspired by "Duel".


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Road Rage unites Richard Matheson's classic Duel and the contemporary work it inspired--two power-packed short stories by three of the genres most acclaimed authors. Duel, an unforgettable tale about a driver menaced by a semi truck, was the source for Stephen (sic) Spielberg's acclaimed first film of the same name. Throttle, by Stephen King and Joe Hill, is a duel of a different kind, pitting a faceless trucker against a tribe of motorcycle outlaws, in the simmering Nevada desert. Their battle is fought out on twenty miles of the most lonely road in the country, a place where the only thing worse than not knowing what you're up against, is slowing down. . .

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