Roadwork Art
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Roadwork Art


April 2010

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G. Valmont Thomas


Penguin Audiobooks

Barton Dawes’ unremarkable but comfortable existence suddenly takes a turn for the worst. Highway construction puts him out of work and simultaneously forces him out of his home. Dawes isn’t the sort of man who will take an insult of this magnitude lying down. His single-minded determination to fight the inevitable course of progress drives his wife and friends away while he tries to face down the uncaring bureaucracy that has destroyed his once comfortable life.

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"The importance of being Bachman was always the importance of finding a good voice and a valid point of view that were a little different from my own. . . .Bachman has been one way in which I have tried to refresh my craft, and to keep from being too comfy and well-padded."--From Stephen King's Introduction "The Importance of Being Bachman."

What happpens when one good-and-angry man fights back is murder. . .and then some.

Bart Dawes is standing in the way of progress. A new highway extension is being built right over the laundry plant where he works--and right over his home. The house he has lived in for twenty years. . .where he has made love to his wife. . .played with his son. . . . But before the city paves over that part of Dawes's life, he's got one more party to throw. . .and it'll be a blast.

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