The Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born Art
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The Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born

The Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born Art


February 7th, 2007

Available Format(s)

Paperback Comic Book


Peter David & Robin Furth


Richard Isanove & Jae Lee

Plotting: Robin Furth
Script: Peter David
Pencils: Jae Lee
Paints: Richard Isanove

The Gunslinger Born is an adaptation of Stephen King’s fourth Dark Tower novel, Wizard and Glass.  It tells the story of Roland Deschain, a gunslinger apprentice who is goaded by his father’s treacherous sorcerer into facing his coming-of-age test at the unheard-of age of fourteen. Although Marten hopes that Roland will fail and be sent west in disgrace, Roland wins his guns and becomes a fully fledged gunslinger. But Roland’s victory puts his life in even more danger. Determined to save his son from Gilead’s many secret assassins, Steven Deschain sends Roland and two tet-mates on a mission to the Outer Arc town of Hambry.  Posing as drovers, Roland, Cuthbert, and Alain must discover whether Hambry’s powerful Horsemen’s Association is still loyal to Gilead. But when Roland embarks on a forbidden affair with Susan Delgado, the mayor’s future jilly, he discovers that Hambry is not the safe backwater that his father thought it to be.  Like the evil seeing sphere that the town’s ancient witch hides beneath the floorboards of her bedroom, all of Hambry has sold its soul to Gilead’s enemies.

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