The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - Way Station Art
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The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - Way Station

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - Way Station Art


December 14th, 2011


Robin Furth & Peter David


Laurence Campbell & Richard Isanove

Plotting: Robin Furth
Script: Peter David
Pencils: Laurence Campbell
Paints: Richard Isanove

Delirious from dehydration, Roland stumbles across an old way station located in the Mohaine Desert.  The station is deserted except for a single occupant—the Man in Black.  Drawing his guns, Roland runs toward his quarry, only to discover that he is hallucinating. The station’s occupant isn’t the Man in Black, but an eleven-year-old boy named Jake Chambers from a strange world called New York.  Jake says he came into Mid-World by dying in his own world.  The name of his murderer? The Man in Black! Together, Roland and Jake track Roland’s enemy. But Mid-World’s byways are haunted by demons, some of which crave the blood of young boys.

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