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The Dead Zone

The Dead Zone Art


August 1979

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Viking Press

Waking up from a five-year coma after a car accident, former schoolteacher Johnny Smith discovers that he can see people's futures and pasts when he touches them. Many consider his talent a gift; Johnny feels cursed. His fiance married another man during his coma and people clamor for him to solve their problems. When Johnny has a disturbing vision after he shakes the hand of an ambitious and amoral politician, he must decide if he should take drastic action to change the future.



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No one comes close to the phenomenon of the world's most popular creator of terror and suspense. And this is one of his best...

The stunning novel of second-sight praised by the Atlanta Journal as "a compulsive page-turner" and by the Los Angeles Times as "faultlessly paced [and] continuously engrossing."


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Nickname for John Smith by his students
One of Greg Stillson's bodyguards
Pomeranian Dog
Star Wars character
Red Hawk
Comanche Indian in the book "Fire Brain"
George Bannerman's dog.
Speedy Tomato
Hazlett's Cat
?, Beth Alma
Girlfriend of Chuck Chatsworth
?, Burt
Next door neighbor of Eileen Magown.
?, Casey
At Cathy's Roadhouse when it burned down
?, Clarice
In the Timmesdale Pub
?, Dan
Boyfriend of Sarah Bracknell before she went out with John Smith
?, Erwin
?, Germaine
Aunt of John Smith
?, Hans
Mentioned in John Smith's trance
?, Janice
Next door neighbor of Eileen Magown
?, Mike
At Cathy's Roadhouse when it burned down
?, Nellie
Grandmother of John Smith
?, Ray
At Cathy's Roadhouse when it burned down
?, Richard
Grandfather of Chuck Chatsworth
?, Rupert J.
Character in a book "Overview of learning disabilities"
?, Sean
Young boy in the hall when John Smith shot at Greg Stillson
?, Shannon
At Cathy's Roadhouse when it burned down
Ablanap, Mrs.
Babysitter for Sarah Hazlett's kids
Allen, Mel
Writer for Portland Sunday Telegram
Alvarez, Bonita
Worked for Phoenix Amtrak
Baker, Howard
Might follow Carter as president
Bannerman, George F.
The Castle Rock sheriff.
Bannerman, Katrina
Daughter of George Bannerman
Bass, ?
Trimbull Chief of Police
Beatty, Anne
Married name of Anne Strafford
Benedix, Timmy
Young boy who could skate backwards
Bernhardt, Steve
Construction worker at the fair
Bolles, Don
Reporter who was killed in an explosion in 1976 when a bomb was wired to his car's ignition
Borentz, Helmut
Husband of Johanna Borentz, and father of Sam Weizak
Borentz, Johanna
Mother of Sam Weizak, and wife of Helmut Borentz.
Bowden, ?
Name in the "Birches" Cemetery
Bowes, David
Democratic candidate in the third district.
Bracknell, Sarah
Johnny's girlfriend before the accident. Maiden name of Sarah Hazlett
Brand, Mat
Wrote the book "Fire brain"
Bremmer, Arthur
Mentioned as one of the "crazies of the world" by John Smith
Bright, David
Writer with the Bangor Daily News
Brolin, James
Actor mentioned by Sarah Hazlett
Brown, Danny
Commented on a sick John Smith on the bus
Brown, James
Neurologist who worked with John Smith
Brown, Jerry
Mentioned that he could run for president after Carter
Brown, Julie
Mother of Danny Brown.
Burke, Henry
Ran "The Bucket" tavern
Butz, Earl
Tim said he'd had a flash that Earl Butz was going to be forced to resign next year
Carlin, George
Mentioned in passing
Carrick, Bruce
Owner of Cathy's roadhouse.
Carsleigh, Stephanie
Friend of Sarah Bracknell. Maiden name of
Cayce, Edgar
Philosophy writer who wrote about the Second Sight. Mentioned by Sam Weizak and John Smith
Chancellor, John
TV/News host.
Chase, Chevy
Mentioned in passing
Chatsworth, Chuck Murphy
17-year-old boy tutored by John Smith.
Chatsworth, Roger
Father of Chuck. Owner of Chatsworth Mills and Weaving
Chatsworth, Shelley
Mother of Chuck and wife of Roger. Married name of Shelly Murphy
Chen, Ruth
Friend of Ngo Phat
Clark, Tim
Clawson, Stuart
He took the picture of Stillson hiding behind the young Matt Robeson when John Smith was shooting at him.
Clay, Dean
Office supply salesman in Phoenix
Cleaver, Eldridge
Mentioned in passing.
Clements, George
Taxi Driver
Cohen, William
Senator who ran for Bill Hathaway's seat and chaired the Stillson Committee
Coltsmore, Freddy
Reverend who blessed a cloth that Vera Smith had purchased.
Conover, Allison
Aid at Eastern Maine Medical Center
Constantine, Stephanie
Married name of Stephanie Carsleigh. Friend of Sarah Bracknell.
Cooney, Leighton
Cronkite, Walter
On TV. Mentioned in passing.
Curry, Elton
Train Conductor on the Phoenix to Salt Lake run
Darrow, Clarence
Mentioned in passing.
Dean, John
A coward
Dees, Richard
Writer for Inside View magazine
Desalvo, Albert
The Boston Strangler
Dodd, Frank
A deputy in Castle Rock
Dodd, Henrietta
Mother of Frank Dodd.
Dohay, Andrew
Sold lightning rods
Drummore, Sol
Owned the wheel of fortune at the carnival
Dunbarger, Carol
4th victim of the Castle Rock Strangler.
Dussault, Anne (Terry)
Roger's sister
Dussault, Roger
Reporter for the Lewiston Sun
Edwards, Dawn
One of John Smith's students
Elliman, Sonny
Greg Stillson's right hand man.
Erwin, James
Farnham, Fearless
Finegold, Irving
Teacher who worked with Dave Pelson
Firegold, Irvina
Fisher, Deenbie
Wife of Roscoe
Fisher, Harrison
New Hampshire District's 3rd district congressman
Fisher, Roscoe
Castle Rock Deputy Sheriff
Flarhaty, Susan
At school with Mary Kate Hendrasen
Flynn, Erroll
Mentioned by Sarah Bracknell
Ford, Gerald (Gerry)
President mentioned in passing
Ford, Henry
Mentioned in passing
Frechette, Alma
Castle Rock strangler's first victim.
Freneau, Brad
Boyfriend of Mary Thibault and driver of the car that hit John Smith's Cab.
Fromme, Squeaky
Mentioned as one of the "crazies of the world" by John Smith
Gedreau, Lottie
Mother of twins and neighbor of Herb Smith
Gendron, Bill
Saw John Smith hit his head on the ice as a child
Gendron, Charles (Chuck)
Banker and president of Lions Club
Gresham, ?
Boyfriend of Jenny Langhorne in the novel "Fire Brain"
Gurney, Edward
Mentioned in passing.
Hackman, Bettye
Friend of Sarah Bracknell.
Haggar, Donny
Boss of Frank Dodd for a while
Harrington, Peter
At school with Mary Kate Hendrasen
Harris, Fred
Politician mentioned in passing
Harrison, Tom
Chief of police in Gates Falls
Harvey, George
Uncle of boy threatened by Greg Stillson. On the town council
Hathaway, Bill
Hawes, Cotton
Fictional 87th Precinct detective
Hayden, Tom
Mentioned in passing.
Hays, Wayne
Hazlett, Dennis Edward
Son of Walter and Sarah Hazlett.
Hazlett, Janis
Daughter of Sarah and Walter Hazlett.
Hazlett, Sarah
Married name of Sarah Bracknell. Wife of Walter Hazlett and mother of Dennis and Janis Hazlett.
Hazlett, Walter
The man Sarah married when Johnny didn't come out of the coma. Father of Dennis and Janis Hazlett.
Hendrasen, Mary Kate
6th victim of the Castle Rock Strangler.
Herman, George
TV Reporter for CBS
Hovey, Milton
Somersworth Fire Chief
Humbarr, Billy
Evangelist watched by Vera Smith
Humphrey, Hubert
Politician whose election was lost with the help of the police
Hurkos, Peter
Psychic mentioned by Dr Weizak.
Jackson, Henry
Politician who shook John Smith's hand
Jackson, Michael Carey
Reading specialist from the University of California. Wrote "The Unlearning Reader"
Jamieson, Hake
Owner of a property in Trimbull where a concert was held
Jarvis, Mrs.
Owner of the "Quick-Pik"
Joellyn, Herman
Worked on the road crew with John Smith
Juniper, Danny
Character in the book "Fire Brain"
Jupiter, Danny
This is what Chuck Chatsworth calls Danny Juniper when he is talking to John Smith
Jurgens, Rachel
Friend of Sarah Bracknell.
Kelso, Carl M.
Sheriff of Castle Rock before Bannerman took over
Kenyon, Tom
Character in "Fire Brain", a book read by Chuck Chatsworth
Kirban, Salem
In one of the Tracks magazines that Vera gave John Smith
Labelle, Mrs.
Denny Hazlett's babysitter
Lancte, Edgar
FBI agent from Boston
Langhorne, Jenny
Girl who was liked by John Sherburne. Girlfriend of Grisham, and a character in "Fire Brain"
Lawson, Norman
9-year-old boy who played with Charlie Norton
Lewis, Sinclair
Sinclair Lewis people had been crying woe and doom and beware of the fascist state in America
Loeb, William
Editor of "Union Leader"
Logan, ?
Loggins, Melissa
At school with Mary Kate Hendrasen
Longely, James
Maine's Independent Governor
Mackenzie, Charlene
Widow who hired Herb Smith to do some work. Married Herb on January 2, 1977
Mackenzie, Hector
Father of Charlene Mackenzie
Mackenzie, Joe (Buddy)
Brother of Charlene Mackenzie
Mackin, Cassie
NBC reporter
Magown, Eileen
John Smith's physical therapist after his accident
Marsten, ?
Name in the "Birches" Cemetery
McCarthy, Joe
Washington Communist
McCartney, Paul
Singer mentioned in passing
McGovern, George
Ran for president in 1972
McNaughton, Larry
Phoenix Public Works employee and drug dealer
Meggs, ?
State police Sergeant at Orono.
Michaud, Marie
Nurse that found John Smith awake after his coma
Michaud, Mark
Son of Marie.
Mills, Wilbur
Mitchell, ?
Democratic Politician
Moody, Cheryl
Third victim of the Castle Rock strangler.
Murphy, Shelly
Maiden name of Shelly Chatsworth
Muskie, Edmund
Senator in 1972
Nason, Vera
Vera Smith's maiden name
Nixon, Richard
President in 1974
Nolan, Kathleen
Psychic who worked for the Inside View magazine
Norton, Charlie
Playing when he found the body of Carol Dunbarger.
O'Donnell, Dick
Owner of the Timmesdale Pub
Ontello, Maureen
At Cathy's Roadhouse when it burned down
Oswald, Lee Harvey
Mentioned as one of the "crazies of the world" by John Smith
Parmeleau, Spider
Passed out at a party held by Chuck Chatsworth
Pelletier, Ruby
Employed John Smith as a short order cook
Pelson, Dave
Assistant Principal
Pelson, Maureen
Wife of Dave
Pershing, Black Jack
Person in World War 1
Phat, Ngo
Worked for Roger Chatsworth
Pillsbury, ?
Name in the "Birches" Cemetery
Powell, Adam Clayton
Politician mentioned in passing
Prescott, Bud
Sold John Smith the Remington 700 .243 caliber rifle he fired at Greg Stillson
Presley, Elvis
Singer mentioned in passing
Quinn, Louis
Congressman who had been caught taking kickbacks in a parking lot scam.
Reagan, Ronald
Politician mentioned in passing
Remington, Frederick
Renfrew, Albert
Deputy Council for the Stillson Committee
Richards, Stanbury (Strawberry)
Brother in law of Dr Vann.
Richardson, Norma
Wife of Warren Richardson
Richardson, Sean
Son of Warren and Norma Richardson
Richardson, Warren
Threatened by Sonny Elliman. Husband of Norma Richardson.
Ringgold, Etta
Victim 5 of the Castle Rock Strangler.
Roberts, Oral
Preacher on TV
Robeson, Matt
The child that Greg Stillson hid behind when he was shot at by John Smith
Roosevelt, Franklin
Politician mentioned in passing
Ross, Frank
Psychic specializing in Natural disasters
Rounds, George
Teacher who Sarah Bracknell had dated
Ruopp, Raymond
Did surgery on John Smith's ligaments
Ryan, Leo
Congressman who was killed
Schumann, Lisa
John Smith found her class ring
Sedecki, Gene
Maths Teacher who Sarah Bracknell had dated
Sherburne, John (Fire Brain)
Character in the book "Fire Brain"
Shriver, Sarge
Spoke with John Smith at the Newington Mall
Simons, Ann
She was thought to be another of the Castle Rock Strangler victims.
Sirhan, Sirhan
Mentioned as one of the "crazies of the world" by John Smith
Smith, Charlene
Married name of Charlene Mackenzie after she married Herb Smith.
Smith, Herbert
Father of John and husband of Vera.
Smith, John
The man who came out of the coma after 5 years with his precognitive gift, a man with a mission.
Smith, Margaret Chase
Mentioned by Stillson.
Smith, Vera Helen
Mother of John.
Speck, Richard
The so-called 'Son of Sam'
Spier, Chuck
Drinking near lake when John Smith fell down.
Stanney, Edward
Wrote a book "Overview of Learning Disabilities"
Starret, Mr.
Recovering from heart attack in hospital room 619 next to John Smith
Stephanie Constantine, Carter
James Earl (Jimmy) Politician, and governor in Georgia
Stillson, Gregory Ammas
The presidential candidate who John Smith predicted would one day destroy the world, if not stopped.
Stillson, Harry
Father of Greg Stillson
Stillson, Mary Lou
Mother of Greg Stillson
Stonkers, Harry L.
Ran an end of the world farm in Vermont
Stonkers, Mrs.
Ran an end of the world farm in Vermont
Strachan, Patty
Girlfriend of Chuck Chatsworth
Strafford, Anne
Spanish teacher with John Smith.
Strang, Bobby
Owner of a truck stop.
Strang, Keith
Foreman of the road crew that John Smith worked for
Strawns, Dr.
Doctor of John Smith.
Stubbs, Deenie
Grad School friend of Sarah Bracknell
Sugerman, Mrs.
Works for the Castle Rock sheriff's department
Sylvester, Mrs.
Used a walker
Taylor, ?
Female police officer in Pueblo.
Thibault, Mary
Passenger in the car that hit John Smith's cab.
Thompson, Hunter
Wrote a book about The Hells Angels
Thomson, Meldrim
Timmons, ?
Client of Walter Hazlett
Toothaker, Pauline
Victim 2 of the Castle Rock Strangler.
Treaches, Mr.
Possibly a Lawyer
Tremont, Arnie
Mechanic at the Cleaves Mills Chevron
Udall, Morris
Politician who shook hands with John Smith
Vann, Dr. Quentin M.
Doctor Sam Weizak referred John Smith to
Verizer, Norman D.
Chief Council of the Stillson Committee
Wallace, George
Webster, William
FBI Chief
Weizak, Dr. Sam
Worked on John Smith's case
Whitman, Charles
The Texas Town Sniper
Whitman, Charles
The so-called 'Texas Tower Sniper'
Wiggins, ?
Police Chief in Ridgeway
Wyman, Stephanie
Girlfriend of Chuck Chatsworth
Youngman, Henny
Mentioned by Sarah Bracknell
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