The Eyes of the Dragon Art
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The Eyes of the Dragon

The Eyes of the Dragon Art


February 1987

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Viking Press

Once upon a time, in the Kingdom of Delain, King Roland is murdered and his son and heir, Peter, is framed for the crime. Peter and his loyal friends must battle an evil wizard and Peter's usurper brother, Thomas, for the throne. Imprisoned in a tower, Peter conceives an escape plan that will take him years to execute before taking on Flagg, the powerful sorcerer who has masterminded this coup.


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A tale of archetypal heroes and sweeping adventures, of dragons and princes and evil wizards--as only Stephen King can tell it!

The passage through the castle is dim, sensed by few and walked by only one. Flagg knows the way well. In four hundred years, he has walked it many times, in many guises, but now the passage serves its true purpose. Through the spyhole it conceals, the court magician observes King Roland--old, weak, yet still a king. Roland's time is nearly over, though, and young Prince Peter, tall and handsome, the measure of a king in all ways, stands to inherit the realm.

Yet a tiny mouse is enough to bring him down, a mouse that chances upon a grain of Dragon Sand behind Peter's shelves and dies crying tears of fire and belching gray smoke. A mouse that dies as King Roland does. Flagg saw it all and smiled, for now Prince Thomas, a young boy easily swayed to Flagg's own purposes, would rule the kingdom. But Thomas has a secret that has turned his days into nightmares and his nights into prayed-for oblivion. The last bastion of hope lies at the top of the Needle, the royal prison where Peter plans a daring escape . . .

Writing with the wit and power that have enthralled millions, Stephen King has taken the classic fairy-tale form and transformed it into a masterpiece of fiction that will captivate readers of all ages.



Although I had written thirteen novels by the time my daughter had attained an equal number of years, she hadn't read any of them. She's made it clear that she loves me, but has very little interest in my vampires, ghoulies, and slushy crawling things.

I sat down one night in our western Maine house to start this story, then called The Napkins. Eventually the tale was told, and Naomi took hold of the finished manuscript with a marked lack of enthusiasm. That look gradually changed to one of rapt interest as the story kidnapped her. It was good to have her come to me later and give me a hug and tell me the only thing wrong with it was that she didn't want it to end.



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2 Headed Parrot
Owned by Flagg
6 Brown Mice
Kept by Flagg; used to frame Peter of the murder of his father Roland
Previous King of Delain.
Alan II
Previous King
Madman who wrote a book that was covered in human skin. Flagg had been reading the book for 1000 years, but was only 25% through it.
Anders Penya's butler.
Infested a small round room on the top of the castle's eastern tower.
Elk killed by Roland, and its head was mounted on the wall of his sitting room
Peter's butler, then became Thomas's butler after the imprisonment of Peter. Father of Dennis.
One of the names that Flagg used over 400 years ago.
A lynx whose head was mounted on the wall of Roland's sitting room
Was one of the Lesser Warders of Peter.
Brandon's son.
Mentioned in passing
Roland's hunting dogs lived in kennels inside the castle
Used to be a common site in the King's preserves in Delain, but they were very rare during Roland's reign. Roland killed the last one to be found in the area
King Roland's magician and adviser.
Anduan husky owned by Naomi Reechul.
Mentioned in passing
Previous King of Delain.
Mentioned in passing
Kyla (The Good)
Niece of King Alan, and succeeded him to the throne of Delain after his death.
Roland's Grandfather, and father of Lita. Died of a heart attack
Lita (The Dowager Queen)
Mother of Roland and daughter of Landry. Ruled as Queen of Delain for almost 50 years
The dragon that Roland killed. Its head is mounted on the wall of his sitting room, and a secret passage behind it allows people to look through the tinted-glass eyes into the sitting room.
Peter's horse as a child.
King Roland's elder son.
One of the animal trophies mounted on the wall in Roland's sitting room
Dark Witch of the Coos
Roland (The Good)
Delain's King, husband of Sasha and father of Peter and Thomas. Son of Lita
The wife of Roland. Mother of Peter and Thomas.
One of the animal trophies mounted on the wall in Roland's sitting room. A great white bear from the north.
One of the animal trophies mounted on the wall in Roland's sitting room
Thomas (The Light Bringer)
King Roland's younger son
King's head horse groom in Delain.
Ailon, Prince
Seems to be a name given to the moon by Dennis
Beson, Aron
Chief warder in charge of Peter in the tower.
Crookbrows, ?
Son of Anna Crookbrows.
Crookbrows, Anna
Sasha's midwife for the birth of her children.
Crookbrows, Mr.
Husband of Anna Crookbrows.
Dark Man, The
One of the names that Flagg was known by
Ellender, Quentin
Built a doll house for Queen Sasha at the request of King Roland.
Halvay, ?
Owned the farm next to the Staad's
Hinch, Bill
One of the names used by Flagg in the past.
King, Petie
One of Peter's make believe characters. Son of Sarah and Roger King
King, Roger
One of Peter's make believe characters. Husband of Sarah & father of Petie
King, Sarah
One of Peter's make believe characters. Wife of Roger and mother of Petie
Peyna, Anders
Delain's Judge General
Reechul, Charles
Raised Anduan Huskies in Delain for a living. Father of Naomi Reechul
Reechul, Naomi
Daughter of Charles.
Squathings, Bill
Hunter who was with Roland when he killed the Elk (Bonsey)
Staad, ?
Mother of Andrew Staad.
Staad, Andrew
Father of Ben and Emmaline Staad, husband of Susan.
Staad, Ben
Peter's friend since they were both 8 years old.
Staad, Emmaline
Younger sister of Ben Staad.
Staad, Susan
Mother of Ben and Emmaline Staad and wife of Andrew Staad
Towson, ?
Son of Lord Towson
Towson, Lord
His son came second to Peter in an archery contest
Valera, Eleanor
Wife of Leven Valera
Valera, Leven
He was King of Delain before his imprisonment in the tower, and was followed by King Alan II
Wicks, Ulrich
Chosen by random to preside over the trial of Peter
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