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The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon Art


April 1999

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Nine-year-old Trisha McFarland strays from the path while she and her recently divorced mother and brother take a hike along a branch of the Appalachian Trail. Lost for days, wandering farther and farther astray, Trisha has only her portable radio for comfort. A huge fan of Tom Gordon, a Boston Red Sox relief pitcher, she listens to baseball games and fantasizes that her hero will save her. Nature isn't her only adversary, though - something dangerous may be tracking Trisha through the dark woods. 

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What if the woods were full of them? And of course they were, the woods were full of everything you didn't like, everything you were afraid of and instinctively loathed, everything that tried to overwhelm you with nasty, no-brain panic.

The brochure promised a "moderate-to-difficult" six-mile hike on the Maine-New Hampshire branch of the Appalachian Trail, where nine-year-old Trisha McFarland was to spend Saturday with her older brother, Pete, and her recently divorced mother. When she wanders off to escape their constant bickering, then tries to catch up by attempting to shortcut through the woods, Trisha strays deeper into a wilderness full of peril and terror. Especially when night falls.

Trisha has only her wits for navigation, only her ingenuity as a defense against the elements, only her courage and faith to withstand her mounting fear. For solace she tunes her Walkman to broadcasts of Boston Red Sox games and the gritty performances of her hero, number 36, relief pitcher Tom Gordon. And when her radio's reception begins to fade, Trisha imagines that Tom Gordon is with her--her key to surviving an enemy known only by the slaughtered animals and mangled trees in its wake.

A classic story that engages our emotions at the most primal level, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, explores our deep dread of the unknown and the extent to which faith can conquer it. It is a fairy tale grimmer than Grimm, but aglow with a girl's indomitable spirit.


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Doll of Trisha McFarland
?, Adam
Singer in a band called "Boyz To Da Maxx"
?, Frank
Allergic to stings.
?, Walt
A man from Framingham on the WEEI radio who was talking from his car phone.
Adkins, Trace
"Whiney cowboy singer" heard on WCAS radio station
Andersen, Gramma
Mother of Quilla, and grandmother of Trisha
Andersen, Quilla
Maiden name of Quilla McFarland. Ex-wife of Larry and mother of Pete and Trisha
Andrews, V.C.
Author mentioned in passing
Barnett, Larry
Game umpire between Red Sox and Yankees
Bear, The
The bear followed Trisha
Bork, Mr.
Science teacher at Sanford Elementary School
Bragg, Darren
Red Sox player.
Castiglione, Joe
Announcer that called the Red Sox games that Trisha Listened to on the radio
Chestnutt, Mark
"Whiney cowboy singer" heard on WCAS radio station
Chetwynd, Mrs.
A lady that got whiplash in a car accident.
Corsi, Jim
Red Sox player.
Eckersley, Dennis
Red Sox player.
Garces, Rich
Red Sox player.
Garciaparra, Nomar
Red Sox shortstop.
Garmond, Mrs.
Trisha McFarland's kindergarten teacher
Gilhooly, Debra
Went to school with Trisha McFarland
Gordon, Tom
Red Sox pitcher who is the idol of Trisha McFarland and she imagines him helping her find her way when lost.
Hall, Mr.
Teacher at Sanford Elementary School
Hatteberg, ?
Red Sox player.
Herrick, Travis
Man who was out poaching deer and shot the bear that was going to attack Trisha McFarland
Jeter, Derek
Yankees Player
Johnson, Randy
Red Sox player
Kerrigan, Joe
Red Sox pitching coach.
Knoblauch, Chuck
Yankees Player
Lemke, Mark
Red Sox player.
Lewis, Darren
Red Sox player.
Leyrtz, Jim
Red Sox player.
Lowe, Derek
Red Sox player.
Martinez, Tino
Yankees player.
Mazzerola, Francis
McCorkle, Elias
The farmer that put the fence posts in that Trisha followed back to the road.
McFarland, Gramma
Mother of Larry, and grandmother of Trisha
McFarland, Larry
Ex-husband of Quilla McFarland, and father of Pete and Trisha
McFarland, Patricia (Trisha)
The 9-year-old girl that gets lost after taking a shortcut in the woods. Daughter of Quilla and Larry. Sister of Pete.
McFarland, Pete
13-year-old brother of Trisha McFarland.
McFarland, Quilla
Married name of Quilla Andersen.
O'Leary, Troy
Red Sox player.
O'Neill, Paul
Yankees player
Pettitte, Andy
Yankees player
Posada, Jorge
Yankees player
Rayburn, Eddie
Best friend of Pete McFarland.
Rhodes, Arthur
Boy who had green teeth and lived up from Pepsi Robichaud
Rivera, Mariana
Yankees player
Robichaud, Mrs.
Mother of Pepsi
Robichaud, Penelope (Pepsi)
Best friend of Trisha McFarland
Strawberry, Darryl
Yankees player.
Thomas, Mrs.
Spoke to Quilla Andersen about Frank who was allergic to stings
Trupiano, Jerry
Announcer that called the Red Sox games that Trisha Listened to on the radio
Valentin, John
Red Sox player. 3rd Base
Vaughn, Mo
Red Sox player. Favorite player of Pete McFarland
Veritek, Jason
Red Sox catcher
Wakefield, Tim
Red Sox player.
Williams, Bernie
Yankees Player.
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