The Green Mile: Coffey on the Mile Art
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The Green Mile: Coffey on the Mile

The Green Mile: Coffey on the Mile Art


August 1996

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The final chapter in this six-part novel tells us of John Coffey's fate.  The story also brings us to the present day story of Paul Edgecombe and learn of the consequences of his actions during his time on E Block with John Coffey.

The individual books are no longer in print but are now available as a single volume.

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Cold Mountain Penitentiary has seen its share of death through the years. Now it's John Coffey's turn to take that final walk down the Green Mile. Yet prison guard Paul Edgecombe has uncovered a devastating truth, which means he could be too late to save both himself and Coffey. You see, death by execution may be the easy way out. It's living with the consequences that may last an eternity . . .

Nothing you have ever read can prepare you for Stephen King's boldest exercise in terror, a multi-part serial novel that begins on Death Row and burrows inward to the most horrific secrets of the heart. Brace yourself as the most exciting story imaginable concludes with a rush of wonder and amazement.


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