The Green Mile: Coffey's Hands Art
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The Green Mile: Coffey's Hands

The Green Mile: Coffey's Hands Art


May 1996

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Paul Edgecombe has been suffering with a bladder infection for some time that hasn't cleared.  It is in this book that Paul discovers that John Coffey can heal with his touch.  Eduard Delacroix has been teaching Mr. Jingles tricks and is quite attached to the mouse--almost as much as guard Percy Wetmore despises it.

The individual installments are no longer in print but are available as a single volume.

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Welcome back to E Block, the deadliest place this side of the electric chair, where assaults are a daily grind and miracles are about to happen. Paul Edgecombe has become increasingly curious about John Coffey, the brutal killer of two girls. But Coffey is about to reveal something extraordinary, and life on the Green Mile may never be the same again.

Nothing you have read can prepare you for Stephen King's boldest exercise in terror, a multi-part serial novel that begins on Death Row and burrows inward to the most horrific secrets of the heart. Put yourself in Stephen King's hands, and feel the grip get tighter and tighter.


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