The Green Mile: The Two Dead Girls Art
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The Green Mile: The Two Dead Girls

The Green Mile: The Two Dead Girls Art


March 1996

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The story is told by former prison guard, Paul Edgecombe, of events in Cold Mountain penitentiary during 1932 when an unusual inmate by the name of John Coffey is brought to the prison.  He and his fellow guards are assigned to watch inmates on death row, known as The Green Mile.  John Coffey has been convicted of murdering two young girls and sentenced to death but there's something about him that makes Paul question whether this man could have committed that crime. 

The individual installments are no longer in print but are available as a single volume.

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They were sisters, and the picture-perfect image of innocence. No one understood their brutal deaths, not even the man who killed them. But John Coffey is about to gain a new insight, about his life in prison, and about the one man who will walk him down that green mile . . . toward destiny.

Prepare yourself for Stephen King's boldest exercise in nerve-twisting suspense. A multi-part serial novel that begins on death row and goes on from there to realms of revelation that make death seem sweet. This is Stephen King's most irresistible journey ever.

    To be continued . . . 

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