Insomnia Art
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Insomnia Art


September 1994

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Viking Press

Since his wife died, Ralph Roberts has been having trouble sleeping. Each night he awakens a little earlier until he's barely sleeping at all. During his late night vigils and walks, he observes some strange things going on in Derry, Maine. He sees colored ribbons streaming from people's heads. He witnesses two strange little men wandering the city under cover of night. He begins to suspect that these visions are something more than hallucinations brought about by sleep deprivation. Ralph and his friend, widow Lois Chasse, become enmeshed in events of cosmic significance.

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Ralph Roberts has a problem: he isn't sleeping so well these days. In fact, he's hardly sleeping at all. Each morning, the news conveyed by the bedside clock is a little worse: 3:15...3:02...2:45...2:15. The books call it "premature waking"; Ralph, who is still learning to be a widower, calls it a season in hell. He's begun to notice a strangeness in his familiar surroundings, to experience visual phenomena that he can't quite believe are hallucinations. Soon, Ralph thinks, he won't be sleeping at all, and what then? A problem, yes - though perhaps not so uncommon, you might say. But Ralph has lived his entire life in Derry, Maine, and Derry isn't like other places, as millions of Stephen King readers will gladly testify. They remember It, also set in Derry, and know there's a mean streak running through this small New England city; underneath its ordinary surface awesome and terrifying forces are at work. The dying, natural and otherwise, has been going on in Derry for a long, long time. Now Ralph is part of it. So are his friends. And so are the strangers they encounter. 


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On the radio show "Amos and Andy"
On the radio show "Amos and Andy"
Name of a doll
Of Beavis and Butt-Head fame
Of Beavis and Butt-Head fame
Captain Ahab
Mentioned in passing
Crimson King's servants and helpers. This is also what the Friends of Life call their major enemies.
Band liked by Ralph Roberts
Character in a book by J R R Tolkien
Cat of Bertha Roberts
Character in a book by J R R Tolkien
TV Show Host
Character from a children's story Hansel and Gretel
Mentioned in passing
Character in a play by Shakespeare
Character from a children's story Hansel and Gretel
Character from the children's story Jack and the Beanstalk
Jack the Ripper
English murderer mentioned in passing
Jefferson Airplane
Band that was played by Ed Deepneau
Mentioned in passing
Character in the Bible
Swallowed by a whale
Name of doll
King Arthur
Mentioned in passing
King Herod
Mentioned by Ed Deepneau
Mentioned by Joe Wyzer
From the Bible
A bust of Pallas was in a dream of Ralph Roberts
Dog of Ralph Roberts
Rolling Stones
Mentioned by Ed Deepneau
The black and tan beagle pup given to Ralph Roberts from Lois Roberts for Christmas 1994.
Stray Dog with a bad leg that is often seen in the early hours of the morning by Ralph Roberts.
Rude Dog
TV character mentioned in passing
Character in a book by J R R Tolkien
Short Timers
Name used for mortals by the Bald Doctors.
Cartoon character
Son of Sam
Murderer whose real name is David Berkowitz.
Character from Peter Pan
Winston Smith
Cat in "Back Pages" shop. Owned by Hamilton Davinport.
Character in a play by Shakespeare
?, Alice
Lois Chasse was called "Alice" by Ralph Roberts in front of the CBS crews at the Derry Civic Center
?, Alice
Mentioned in a song by Grace Slick
?, Audra
Secretary of Dr Hong.
?, Aunt Sadie
Ralph Roberts imagined her calling someone
?, Curley
One of the 3 Stooges
?, Deanie
Name on the footpath.
?, Denise
Mentioned in anti-abortion literature read by John Leydecker
?, Jake
Owner of a battered saxophone in Atropos's lair.
?, Justin
Boy who works weekends at the Derry Library
?, Karl
Worked at the Red Apple convenience store.
?, Larry
One of the 3 Stooges
?, Melanie
Friend of Helen Deepneau
?, Merrilee
Pregnant woman who died at High Ridge
?, Mina
Friend of Lois Chasse
?, Moe
One of the 3 Stooges
?, Norton
Lois Chasse called Ralph Roberts "Norton" in front of the CBS crews at the Derry Civic Center
?, Patrick
Grandfather of Patrick Danville
?, Pete
?, Peter
Security guard at WomanCare
?, Sadie
Aunt mentioned on the telephone
?, Sam
A mother was heard to yell out for Sam to come inside, and to bring his sister in too.
?, Sam
Name on the footpath.
?, Sue
Worked at the Red Apple convenience store
?, Susy
Her name was spray painted on the side of the Diesel Shed at the Derry Trainyards
?, Tim
A little boy who was walking with his mother.
?, Vic
Brother of Lois Chasse
?, Zoe
Waitress at the Derry Diner.
Ackerman, William
Musician mentioned in passing
Altoberg, Chris
Weather forecaster on TV for News at Noon
Anderson, ?
Husband of Rachel Anderson.
Anderson, Rachel
Cleaner at WomanCare.
Anderson, Steve
Assistant District Attorney
Andrews Sisters, The
Singers mentioned in passing
Animals, The
Band that was played by Ed Deepneau
Applebaum, ?
Owner of a house on Harris Ave in 1998.
Arnold, Roseanne
Guest on the TV show hosted by Whoopi
Astaire, Fred
Dancer mentioned in passing
Bald Doctor #3. The bad one who is the rogue agent of the random.
Composer mentioned in passing
Baggins, Bilbo
Found a ring and gave it to his grandson Frodo
Baggins, Frodo
Grandson of Bilbo
Barrett, ?
Owner of an orchard that was converted into High Ridge in the early 1980's
Bates, Norman
Character in Psycho mentioned in passing
Composer mentioned in passing
Bennigan, Harriet
Old woman in Derry who uses a walker.
Benson, Lisette
TV Newscaster for News at Noon.
Berkowitz, David
Murderer known as the Son of Sam
Berlin, Irving
Songwriter mentioned in passing
Bowe, Riddick
Boxer mentioned in passing
Bowers, Oscar (Butch)
Berta Roberts told her son Ralph to make sure Butch did not put any bad potatoes at the bottom of the basket
Boynton, Tony
Name written in graffiti in the male port-a-potty in Strawford Park.
Brolin, James
Actor mentioned in passing
Brown, Charlie
Cartoon Character
Buchanan, Pat
A poster for Pat as president was in the window of a store in Derry
Buck, Frank
Hero in old movies
Bundy, Ted
Murderer mentioned in passing
Bunyan, Paul
There is a plastic statue of him in Derry, outside the Civic Center
Burdon, Eric
In the Bold and the Beautiful on TV
Caesar, Augustus
Mentioned in passing
Callan, Marie
Told Lois Chasse about the demonstration at WomanCare
Casey, Ben
On a TV show watched by Ralph Roberts
Castonguay, Simone
Aunt of Barbara Richards who worked at WomanCare as the day receptionist. Friend of Lois Chasse.
Chapin, Lafayette (Faye)
Friend of Ralph Roberts
Chasse, Harold
Son of Lois and Paul. Husband of Janet.
Chasse, Janet
Wife of Harold.
Chasse, Lois
Friend of Ralph Roberts. Mother of Harold and widow of Paul.
Chasse, Paul
Deceased husband of Lois.
Cherney, Pete
Weather man on TV
Cheshire Cat, The
From Alice in Wonderland
Christie, Agatha
Mystery author mentioned in passing
Chung, Connie
CBS reporter at the rally for Susan Day in Derry
Churchill, Winston
Mentioned by Joe Wyzer.
Clinton, Bill
President followed by the Deepneau's
Bald doctor #1. Partner of the Bald Doctor 2, Lachesis. They end life with purpose.
Cohen, ?
Derry Mayor
Cook, Robin
Author mentioned in passing
Cooper, Gary
Actor mentioned by Bill McGovern
Coughlin, Father
Derry Priest
Cox, Dale
County Prosecutor mentioned in passing
Crane, Ichabod
Mentioned in passing
Creed, Gage William
Boy run down by a speeding tanker in Ludlow.
Creeley, Robert
Poet who wrote "for Love, Poems 1950-1960" read by Dorrance Marstellar
Crimson King, The
He is part of the Dark Tower, in the levels above mortals.
Cruise, Tom
Actor mentioned in passing
Crystal, Billy
Actor mentioned in passing
Cubbins, Bartholomew
Character in a Dr Seuss book called The Five Hundred Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins
Dahmer, Jeffrey
Murderer mentioned in passing
Dalton, Daniel
Runs the shop Secondhand Rose, Secondhand Clothes in Derry, and the head of "Friends of Life".
Danville, ?
Husband of Sonia. Father of Patrick.
Danville, Patrick
Ralph and Lois have to save his life at any costs.
Danville, Sonia
Mother of Patrick
Darrow, Clarence
Mentioned in passing
Davenport, Hamilton
Proprietor of "Back Pages" store on the corner of Witcham and Main streets, Derry.
Day, Susan Edwina
Political activist and author. Co-founder and ex-president of the "Sisters in Arms", a womans equal rights group.
Deepneau, ?
Father of Ed Deepneau.
Deepneau, Edward (Ed)
Neighbor of Ralph Roberts. Husband of Helen. Research chemist at Hawking Industries.
Deepneau, Helen
30-year-old wife of Edward, and mother of Natalie. Good friend of the Roberts family.
Deepneau, Natalie
Daughter of Ed and Helen Deepneau.
DeMille, Cecil
Movie director
Deschain, Roland
Gunslinger drawn and described by Patrick Danville
Disney, Walt
Mentioned in passing
Dobyns, Stephen
Author of "Cemetery Nights", a book that Dorance Marstellar gave to Ralph Roberts
Douglas, Kirk
In the Bold and the Beautiful on TV
Dubay, Steven Bishoff
One of the 3 unnamed boys who threw Adrian Mellon to his death in the Derry Canal in 1984
Dugan, Mr.
Head of Derry Trust's Loan Department
Ran for president in 1988
Durgin, Paul
Druggist at Rexall in Derry.
Eastwood, Clint
Actor mentioned in passing
Eberly, Georgina
Wife of Stan.
Eberly, Stan
Went to school with Ralph Roberts, Husband of Georgina.
Eichmann, Adolf
Fay Chapin called Harley Pederson Adolf Eichmann as an insult.
Einstein, Albert
Charles Pickering looked like a cross between Don King and Albert Einstein
Engstrom, Charles
Childhood friend of Ralph Roberts
Executioner, The
Character in a Dr Seuss book called The Five Hundred Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins
Fauntleroy, Little Lord
Mentioned in passing
Felton, Frank
One of the "Friends of Life"
Fitzgerald, F. Scott
Auhor mentioned in passing by Ralph Roberts
Fonda, Henry
Actor mentioned in passing
Forbes, Anthony
Hypnotist that Joe Wyzer suggested that Ralph Roberts go and see.
Foster, R.H.
Name on a card given to Ralph Roberts by Trigger Vachon.
Garfunkel, Art
Garton, John
Webber One of the 3 unnamed boys who threw Adrian Mellon to his death in the Derry Canal in 1984
Gibson, Mel
Actor mentioned in passing
Ginsberg, Allen
Poet mentioned by Dorrance Marstellar
Goldberg, Whoopi
TV Show host seen by Ralph Roberts on late night TV
Great Ones, The
People whose lives will affect people on more than one level of the tower.
Hagen, Donna
Derry Police Officer
Hall, James
A Wrote a book "Patterns of Dreaming" that Ralph Roberts read in the Derry Library
Hall, Jon
Hero in old movies
Halliday, June
Counselor and WomanCare director.
Hamilton, Dr.
Doctor at WomanCare
Hanlon, Mike
Librarian at Derry Public Library
Hanscom, Benjamin
Architect who designed the Derry Civic Center.
Harper, Dr. Roberta
Works at WomanCare
Haycox, Ernest
Mentioned in passing
Hayman, Howard
Lawyer friend of John Leydecker
Henderson, Richard
Did chores around Lois Chasse's mother's place when Lois was 17.
Hitler, Adolph
Mentioned on a card by a pro-choice group
Holmes, Sherlock
Mentioned in passing
Homer, Winslow
Artist whose prints hang in the Derry Home Hospital
Hong, James Roy
Hooker, John Lee
Singer/songwriter who was played by Ed Deepneau
Hussein, Saddam
Mentioned in passing
Huston, Mr.
Butcher in Derry
Jackson, Michael
Singer mentioned in passing
Jamal, Dr.
Neurologist at Derry Hospital.
Jetson, George
Cartoon Character mentioned in passing
Johnson, ?
Police Chief in Derry.
Johnson, Lyndon
President of the USA
Joubert, Ray
Murderer mentioned in passing
Kaltenborn, H.V.
Singer mentioned in passing
Kennedy, Robert
Politician assassinated in LA. on 5 June 1958
Kern, Jerome
Songwriter mentioned in passing
Kevorkian, Dr.
He believes in mercy killing, and the right to die
Kildare, Dr.
On a TV show watched by Ralph Roberts
King, Don
Charles Pickering looked like a cross between Don King and Albert Einstein
King, The
Character in a Dr Seuss book called The Five Hundred Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins
Kirkland, John
WomanCare reporter on TV News at Noon.
L'Amour, Louis
Mentioned in passing
Bald doctor #2 Partner of the Bald Doctor 1, Clotho. They end life with purpose.
Land, Edwin
Mentioned by John Leydecker
Lecter, Hannibal
Mentioned in passing
Lennon, John
Ed Deepneau wore "John Lennon Specs"
Leno, Jay
TV Show host seen by Ralph Roberts on late night TV
Leonard, Elmore
Author mentioned in passing
Lewis, Jerry
Comedian mentioned in passing
Leydecker, ?
Mother of John.
Leydecker, John (Jack)
Detective Sergeant Partner of Chris Nell
Litchfield, Carl
Ralph and Carolyn Roberts' doctor.
Locher, May
Married name of May Perrault, and went to school with Bill McGovern.
Lopez, Ruy
Faye Chapin thinks he is the reincarnation of Ruy Lopez
Lugosi, Bela
Actor in a vampire movie
Lupino, Ida
Actress from the 1950's
Lyford, George
Accountant (CPA) who had an office on Harris Ave in Derry. Next to Maritime Jewelry
Marstellar, Dorrance
Oldest of the "Harris Avenue Old Crocks"
Martin, Dean
Comedian mentioned in passing
Marx, Groucho
Comedian mentioned in passing
Matthews, Tom
Derry News photographer
McCheese, Mayor
Mentioned in passing
McClanahan, Bob
Sports reporter on TV for News at Noon
McClure, Shawna
Offered Ralph Roberts an insomnia cure by concentrating on the word "cool".
McDonald, Ronald
Mentioned in passing
McGee, Fibber
Radio program host
McGovern, William D (Bill
Professor), Gay friend of Ralph Roberts.
McKay, Sandra
One of the "Friends of Life", but later kicked out of the group.
Mellon, Adrian
Gay boy thrown into the Derry canal by 3 people in 1984, after the Canal Day Festival.
Miller, Glenn
Songwriter mentioned in passing
Monroe, Marilyn
Actress mentioned in passing
Moon, Vicky
Owner of tanning salon
Morrison, ?
New paperboy
Mulhare, Doc
Retired Vet in Derry.
Murphy, Audie
Actor mentioned in passing
Murray, Arthur
Arthur Murray learn to dance instructions were mentioned in passing
Nell, Aloysius
Retired Cop from Derry. Grandfather of Chris Nell
Nell, Chris
Police Officer and partner of John Leydecker, and Grandson of Aloysius.
Newton, Wayne
Norris, Chuck
Actor mentioned in passing
Noyes, Alfred
Poet liked by Carolyn Roberts.
Pan, Peter
Character from a children's story - Peter Pan
Pedersen, ?
Deceased wife of Harley Pedersen.
Pedersen, Harley
Old guy in Derry who had a fight with Faye Chapin over abortion.
Perot, Ross
Presidential candidate that lost to Clinton
Perrault, Larry
Younger brother of May Perrault.
Perrault, May
Maiden name of May Locher.
Perrine, Esther
Old lady in the same street as Ralph Roberts.
Petrowsky, Maggie
Part of WomanCare
Pickard, Dr.
Derry doctor who replaced Dr Litchfield
Pickering, Charles H.
Member of "Daily Bread" Right to life group.
Plum, Mr.
Nickname for the man who was talking to Bill McGovern in Derry Home Hospital
Polaroid, Richard
Mentioned by John Leydecker
Polhurst, Bob
Head of History Department at Derry High from 1948 to 1981
Polhurst, Denise
Niece of Bob Polhurst
Pope, The
Mentioned in passing
Powers, Governor Greta Augusta
Governor mentioned as possibly using cocaine as a grad student.
Rapaport, Mrs.
Offered Ralph Roberts an insomnia cure
Rather, Dan
Works with Connie Chung on TV
Red King, The
In Dark Tower, The. Possibly the same as the Crimson King
Redbone, Leon
Name that Ralph Roberts mentions as his own during one of his jokes when he missed an entire night's sleep.
Painter mentioned in passing
Richards, Barbara
niece of Simone Castunguay. Worked as a day receptionist in WomanCare.
Robbins, Tom
Author of "Even Cowgirls get the Blues", which was read by Ed Deepneau
Roberts, Bertha
Mother of Ralph.
Roberts, Carolyn
Wife of Ralph Roberts. Married name of Carolyn Satterwaite
Roberts, John
Older brother of Ralph.
Roberts, Lois
Married name of Lois Chasse. Second wife of Ralph Roberts
Roberts, Ralph
Insomniac husband of Carolyn. Works with Lois Chasse to stop Patrick Danville from being killed.
Rogers, Ginger
Dancer mentioned in passing
Rogers, Will
Mentioned in passing
Rosenberg, Michael
CBS Cameraman with Connie Chung at the Derry Civic Center.
Sales, Soupy
Faye Chapin plays chess like Soupy Sales
Salterwaite, Carolyn
Maiden name of Carolyn Roberts.
Sanders, George
Actor who is good at playing psychopaths
Satterwaite, ?
Sister of Carolyn Satterwaite
Sawyer, Tom
Mentioned in passing
Schwarzenegger, Arnold
Action movie actor
Scrooge, Ebenezer
Mentioned in passing
Seagal, Steven
Action movie hero.
Seuss, Dr.
Children's story author
Shaara, Michael
Wrote "Killer Angels", a book on the civil war
Shakespeare, William
Playwrite mentioned in passing
Shirer, ?
Wrote "Rise and fall of the Third Reich"
Shoemaker, ?
Husband of Candy Shoemaker.
Shoemaker, Candy
Friend of Helen Deepneau.
Simon, Paul
Slick, Grace
Smith, Margaret Chase
Charles Pickering thought she was a Russian spy in the 1960's
Spague, Duffy
Barber in Derry.
Sparkmeyer, Lennie
Ex-boyfriend of Barbara Richards in College.
Mentioned on a card by a pro-choice group
Stallone, Sylvester
Action movie actor
Steadman, ?
Sullivan, John L.
Boxer mentioned in passing
Sullivan, Pete
Paperboy that delivered the paper to Ralph Roberts.
Tandy, George
Derry Councilor
Tandy, John
Had a car accident with Ed Deepneau.
Therriault, Bobby
Told Ralph Roberts about catfish barbs causing paralysis as a child.
Tillbury, ?
Husband of Gretchen Tillbury.
Tillbury, Gretchen
WomanCare counselor
Tolkien, J.R.R.
Author of fantasy books
Travolta, John
Actor mentioned in passing
Turner, Lana
In the Bold and the Beautiful movie on TV
Tyson, Mike
Boxer mentioned in passing
Unwin, Christopher Phillip
One of the 3 unnamed boys who threw Adrian Mellon to his death in the Derry Canal in 1984
Utterback, Steve
Derry Police Detective
Vachon, Marcel
Older Brother of Trigger Vachon.
Vachon, Trigger
Worked for Hospital parking garage in April 1993.
Van Damme, Jean-Claude
Action movie actor
Vandermeer, ?
Wife of Jimmy.
Vandermeer, Jimmy
Used to travel with Ralph Roberts before Ralph got a desk job.
Veazie, Don
Friend of Ralph Roberts
Warper, Dr. Roberta
Chief Administrator of WomanCare.
Washington, George
USA president
Wayne, John
Actor mentioned in passing
Weatherbee, ?
Mother of Billy Weatherbee.
Weatherbee, Billy
His cap was in Atropos's lair.
Wheaton, Emma
Derry Councilor
Whitman, Walt
Poet read by Dorrance Marstellar
Who, The
Band that was played by Ed Deepneau
Wilbert, ?
Wife of David Wilbert.
Wilbert, David
Derry cop
Willkie, ?
A political button with his name was worn by Berts Roberts
Winfrey, Oprah
TV Show Host
Wren, Thomas
Kidney patient in room 310 of Derry Home Hospital.
Wyzer, ?
Ex-wife of Joe Wyzer.
Wyzer, Joe
Works at the Rite Aid Pharmacy in Derry.
Zell, Fred
Husband of Lisa.
Zell, Lisa
Wife of Fred.
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