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The peaceful suburban life on Poplar Street in Wentworth, Ohio is shattered one fine day when four vans containing shotgun-wielding "regulators" terrorize the street's residents, cold-bloodedly killing anyone foolish enough to venture outdoors. Houses mysteriously transform into log cabins and the street now ends in what looks like a child's hand-drawn western landscape. Masterminding this sudden onslaught is the evil creature Tak, who has taken over the body of an autistic boy whose parents were killed in a drive-by shooting several months earlier.

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Author of the bestselling novel Thinner and four thrillers that have sold millions in an omnibus edition entitled The Bachman Books, the late Richard Bachman has been described as "Stephen King without a conscience." Now he performs an eerie encore with the posthumous release of The Regulators, a harrowing story of a suburban neighborhood in the grip of surreal terror.

It's a summer afternoon in Wentworth, Ohio, and on Poplar Street everything's normal. The paper boy is making his rounds; the Carver kids are bickering at the corner convenience store; a Frisbee is flying on the Reeds' lawn; Gary Soderson is firing up the backyard barbecue. The only thing that doesn't quite fit is the red van idling just up the hill. Soon it will begin to roll, and the killing will begin. A quiet slice of American suburbia is about to turn to toast.

The mayhem rages around a seemingly still point, a darkened house lit fitfully from within by a flickering television screen. Inside, where things haven't been normal for a long time, are Audrey Wyler and the autistic nephew she cares for, eight-year-old Seth Garin. They're fighting their own battle, and its intensity has turned 247 Poplar Street into a prisonhouse.

By the time night falls on Poplar Street, the surviving residents will find themselves in another world, one where anything, no matter how terrible, is possible…and where the regulators are on their way. By what power they have come, how far they will go, and how they can be stopped-these are the desperate questions. The answers are absolutely terrifying.


About The Regulators, Stephen says: "I had been toying with this idea called The Regulators because I had a sticker on my printer that said that. Then one day I pulled up in my driveway after going to the market and the Voice said, 'Do The Regulators and do it as a Bachman book and use the characters from Desperation but let them be who they're going to be in this story.' These books were an opportunity to test the idea of using characters as a repertory company. There are some passages that are word for word the same in both books and there are also little jokes." He explains further: "It's just like actors who do Hamlet one night and Bus Stop the next."


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As in Adam and Eve from the Bible
From Alice in Wonderland
Mentioned in passing
Childrens toy mentioned in passing.
A Labrador Retriever that could spell its name with wooden blocks.
Character in the Batman comics
One of the MotoKops 2200 crew.
A 6-year-old Border Collie that could sort photos
Cheshire Cat
From Alice in Wonderland
A Pembroke Corgi that could count.
A goat that could play the harmonica
As in Adam and Eve. From the Bible
Mentioned in passing
From the children's story Hansel & Gretel
The Reed's German Shepherd dog
From the children's story Hansel & Gretel
A pig who liked to paint
Hop Sing
Character in Bonanza
Mentioned in passing
Joseph of Arimathaea
Character from the Bible. Jesus was buried in his tomb.
Mother of Jesus
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Toys mentioned in passing
Biblical character mentioned in passing
Mountain Lion
A weird-shaped mountain lion that attached Steve Ames on the train behind the houses. Shot dead by John Marinville
Nine Inch Nails
Band thought of by Steve Ames
No Face
Faceless. One of the MotoKops enemy's
Character from the Bible
Pat the Kitty Cat
Main character of the books written by John Marinville. He is a feline detective.
Character in Star Wars
Rooty the Robot
A bumbling robot. One of the MotoKops 2200 Crew.
Mentioned in passing
Mentioned in passing
Child's action toy from the G.I. Joe team
Mentioned in passing
St. George
The dragon slayer
Evil that took over Seth Garin in the small town of Wentworth.
Horse of Roy Rogers
Van Halen
Band mentioned in passing
Veedon Brothers
Moving company
Mentioned in passing
?, Jason
Friend of Ralph Carver
?, Juliet
From Romeo and Juliet
?, Lucy
Character in the Peanuts comic strip.
?, Mindy
Friend of Ellen Carver
?, Sally
Worked for Deep Earth Mining Corporation in Desperation
Ableson, Deke
Husband of Sandy Ableson.
Ableson, Sandy
Wife of Deke Ableson
Albertini, Frank
Baseball shortstop with the Hawkes.
Allen, Patricia
Wrote a letter to Katherine Goodlowe in the final chapter of the book while on her honeymoon on 19 June 1986
Allen, Tom
Husband of Patricia Allen
Alvarez, Robert
Police Lieutenant
Ames, ?
Sister of Steve Ames
Ames, Mrs.
Mother of Steve Ames
Ames, Steven Jay
Driver of the truck who saved the Carver kids in Wentworth. He came into town looking for a mechanic to fix his rental truck. Works for Deke Ableson.
Anderson, Eric
Mentioned in passing
Barkley, Charles
On Seth Garin's McDonald's glass
Bateman, Yvonne
Engineer at Deep Earth Mining Corporation's China Pit
Belle, Albert
Baseball player
Bernstein, Lenny
Once had a party that John Marinville went to
Big Chrome Holes, The
A band mentioned in passing
Billingsley, Tom (Old Doc)
Retired vet
Bird, The
An odd cross between a buzzard and an eagle as if drawn by a child. It had different length wings, and 5 talons on one foot, and 2 on the other.
Blocker, Dan
Actor who played Hoss Cartwright on TV's Bonanza
Boyardee, Chef
Seth Garin loves Chef Boyardee food
Bradley, Lawyer
Character in The Regulators movie.
Brown, Charlie
Character in the Peanuts comic strip.
Bunny, Bugs
Cartoon character mentioned in passing
Calabrese, Joseph
Friends of the Garin's from College. Husband of Roxanne Calabrese
Calabrese, Roxanne
Friends of the Garin's from College.. Wife of Joseph Calabrese
Calhoun, Rory
Actor who played "Jeb" in The Regulator movie.
Candell, Captain (Candy)
A Thug in The Regulators movie.
Carpenters, The
Band mentioned in passing
Cartwright, Adam
Character in the TV show Bonanza. Played by Pernell Roberts
Cartwright, Hoss
Character in Bonanza
Cartwright, Joe
Character in the TV show Bonanza. Played by Michael Landon
Carver, David
Husband of Kirsten.
Carver, Ellen Margaret
Daughter of Kirsten and David Carver.
Carver, Kirsten (Pie)
Wife of David Carver. Known as Pie to her husband.
Carver, Ralph
Son of Kirsten and David Carver.
Case, Andrew
Department head of Peter Jackson's English department at the Ohio State University
Christie, Agatha
Author mentioned in passing
Writer studied by Steve Ames at Boston University
Como, Perry
Singer mentioned in passing
Connors, Chuck
In the TV show The Rifleman
Conroy, Janice
Good friend of Audrey Wyler. Married name of Janice Goodlin
Cooper, Gary
Actor mentioned in passing
Cosby, Bill
Brad Josephson looks a little like him
Coyote, The
Shot by Cynthia Smith
Crawford, Johnny
Played the son of Lucas McCain in The Rifleman
DeMott, Laura
Character in The Regulators movie. Played by Karen Steele.
Dickey, James
Author who was being studied by Peter Jackson
Duck, Daffy
Cartoon character mentioned in passing
Eastwood, Clint
Actor in Rawhide. Played Rowdy Yates
Eberhart, Kellie
The first girlfriend of Collie Entragian
Eberhart, Mr.
Father of Kellie Eberhart
Einstein, Albert
Tom Billingsly had white hair like him.
Elliott, T.S.
Writer mentioned in passing
Entragian, Collier (Collie)
Retired cop
Evers, Dr.
Doctor of Herb Wyler
Faulkner, ?
Writer mentioned in passing
Fields, W.C.
Author mentioned in passing
Fishburne, Larry
Actor mentioned by John Marinville
Fleischer, Max
Ford, John
Mentioned in passing
Ford, Robert
Mentioned in passing
Fudd, Elmer
Cartoon character mentioned in passing
Garfunkel, Art
Singer with Paul Simon
Garin, Audrey
Maiden name of Audrey Wyler and sister of William Garin
Garin, John
Brother of Seth Garin and son of William and June Garin.
Garin, June
Mother of Seth Garin and wife of William Garin.
Garin, Mary Lou
Sister of Seth Garin and daughter of William and June Garin.
Garin, Mr.
Father of Audrey and William Garin.
Garin, Mrs.
Mother of William and Audrey Garin
Garin, Seth
Autistic little boy who becomes Tak's vessel. He lives with his aunt Audrey Wyler in Wentworth.
Garin, William
Father of Seth Garin and husband of June Garin.
Gaye, Marvin
Singer mentioned in passing
Geller, Frank
Husband of Kim Geller and father of Susi Geller.
Geller, Kim
Mother of Susi Geller and wife of Frank Geller.
Geller, Susi
Pretty daughter of Kim and Frank Geller.
Gillespie, Dizzy
Musician mentioned in passing
Gingrich, Newt
Mentioned in passing
Givens, Adrian
Concierge of the Mohonk Mountain House.
Goodis, Craig
Co-wrote The Regulators screenplay with Quentin Woolrich
Goodlin, Janice
Maiden name of Janice Conroy.
Goodlin, Mr.
Father of Janice Goodlin.
Goodlowe, Katherine Anne
Received a letter from Patricia Allen in the final chapter of the book.
Green Giant, The
Mentioned in passing
Writer mentioned in passing
Hardin, Ty
Actor in The Regulators movie. Played Deputy Laine
Writer studied by Steve Ames at Boston University
Harris, Bill
Johnny Marinville's literary agent
Hawke, Ethan
On the cover of a magazine bought by Ellen Carver
Hendrix, Jimi
Musician mentioned in passing
Henry, Colonel
The telepathic squad leader of the MotoKops 2200.
Hickok, Wild Bill
Outlaw shot by Jack McCall
Hobart, Hugh
Son of William & Irene Hobart.
Hobart, Irene
Wife of William Hobart and mother of Hugh Hobart.
Hobart, William
Husband of Irene Hobart and father of Hugh Hobart.
Holmes, Sherlock
Detective mentioned in passing
Hunter, Snake
One of the MotoKops 2200 Crew.
Jackson, Joe
Baseball player implicated in the 1919 Black Sox baseball scandal
Jackson, Mary
Wife of Peter Jackson. Married name of Mary Kaepner.
Jackson, Mrs.
Mother of Peter Jackson.
Jackson, Peter
Husband of Mary Jackson. Professor or Assistant Professor at Ohio State University.
Jackson, Shirley
Author read by Mary Jackson
Jackson, Stonewall
Mentioned in passing
James, Jesse
Joe, G.I.
Child's action toy
Johnson, Ben
Actor thought of by John Marinville
Joker, The
Character in the Batman comics
Jolson, Al
Singer mentioned in passing
Josephson, Belinda
Wife of Brad Josephson.
Josephson, Brad
Husband of Belinda Josephson.
Kaepner, Henry
Father of Mary Kaepner. A professor at Meermont College of Dentistry in Brooklyn
Kaepner, Mary
Maiden name of Mary Jackson. Daughter of Henry Kaepner.
Writer studied by Steve Ames at Boston University
King, Stephen
Author who wrote The Shining
Kleist, John
Senior Vice President at Good Palz toys, who make the MotoKops 2200 products.
Laine, Josh
Deputy in The Regulators movie. Played by Ty Hardin
Lee, Spike
Mentioned in passing
Lennon, John
A member of the Beatles band
Leone, Sergio
Movie director mentioned in passing
Lewis, Sinclair
Author who John Marinville was compared to
Lugosi, Bela
Horror movie director
Magdalene, Mary
Mentioned in passing
Marinville, John Edward
Guitar playing singer, turned author.
Marinville, Terry
First Wife of John Marinville. Now Terry Alvey.
Marinville, Theresa
Second wife of John Marinville
Marple, Miss
Character in Agatha Christie's books.
Marsh, Countess Lili
One of the MotoKops 2200's enemies.
Martin, Gene
He was having an affair with Mary Jackson. An accountant.
Martin, Mrs.
Wife of Gene Martin
Mathis, Sergeant
Character in The Regulators movie
McCain, Lucas
Actor in The Rifleman. Played Chuck Connors
McCall, Jack
He shot Wild Bill Hickok
McCartney, Paul
A member of the Beatles band
Moody Blues, The
Band mentioned in passing
Moran, Flip
Character in The Regulators movie.
MotoKops 2200, The
Toys that enter Wentworth and kill many of the local residents.
Mouse, Mickey
Cartoon character mentioned in passing
Mueller, John P.
Wrote an article in "Playthings, the international merchandising magazine of the toy industry" in January 1994.
Murdock, Jebadiah (Major)
Character in The Regulators movie
Nabokov, Vladimir
Author who John Marinville was compared to
Nelson, Willie
Singer mentioned in passing
Payne, John
Character in The Regulators movie
Picasso, Pablo
Painter mentioned in passing
Pike, Major
One of the MotoKops 2200 crew.
Poirot, Hercule
Character in Agatha Christie's books.
Presley, Elvis
Singer mentioned in passing
Prudum, Joe
Character in The Regulators Movie
Quantrill, ?
Civil War Captain mentioned in The Regulators movie.
Rancourt, Billy
Directed The Regulators movie.
Reagan, Ronald
President of the USA
Reed, Cammie
Mother of David and Jim Reed, and wife of Charlie Reed.
Reed, Charlie
Father of David and Jim Reed, and husband of Cammie Reed.
Reed, David
One of the twin sons of Cammie and Charlie Reed.
Reed, Jim
One of the twin sons of Cammie and Charlie Reed.
Richardson, Captain
Police Captain
Ripton, Cary
14-year-old paperboy in Wentworth
Ripton, Mrs.
Mother of Cary Ripton
Roberts, Pernell
Actor who played Adam Cartwright on TV's Bonanza
Rogers, Roy
TV cowboy that rode Trigger
Ross, Debbie
Friend of Susie Geller.
Schever, Steven H.
Editor of "Movies on TV"
Shakespeare, William
Writer mentioned in passing
Simon, Paul
Singer with Art Garfunkel
Simpson, Bart
Cartoon character mentioned in passing
Smith, ?
Little brother of Cynthia Smith
Smith, Cynthia
21-year-old counter girl at the E-Z Store 24
Smith, Mr.
Father of Cynthia Smith.
Smithee, Allen
Wrote episode 55 teleplay of the MotoKops
Soames, Ray
One of Janice Goodwin's boyfriends in college.
Soderson, Gary
Husband of Marielle Soderson.
Soderson, Marielle
Wife of Gary.
Steele, Karen
Actress in The Regulators movie who played Laura. Killed.
Steinbeck, John
Author who John Marinville was compared to
Streeter, Sheriff
Character in The Regulators Movie
Styles, Cassandra (Cassie)
A MotoKops 2200 character.
Symes, ?
Daughter of Allen Symes.
Symes, Allen
Geologist engineer for Deep Earth Mining Corporation near Desperation from 1969 to 1995.
Symes, Mr.
Father of Allen Symes
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The
Sewer dwelling crime fighting toys mentioned in passing
Turner, Tina
Singer heard on the radio
Tyson, Mike
Boxer mentioned in passing
Uris, Leon
Author mentioned in passing
Vader, Darth
Character from Star Wars
Van Peebles, Mario
Film director mentioned by John Marinville
Vedder, Eddie
His picture was on the wall in Ellen Carver's bedroom
Wolfe, Thomas
Writer mentioned in passing
Woolrich, Quentin
Co-wrote The Regulators screenplay with Craig Goodis
Wyler, Audrey
Seth Garin's aunt, William Garin's sister, and wife of Herb Wyler. Maiden name of Audrey Garin.
Wyler, Herb
Husband of Audrey Wyler.
Wyler, Mr.
Father of Herb Wyler
Yates, Rowdy
Character in Rawhide. Played by Clint Eastwood
Yeoman, Preacher
Character in The Regulators movie.
Zanfir, George
Played the Pan Flute.
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