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The Breathing Method

The Breathing Method Art


August 27th, 1982

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A tale told in a strange club about a woman determined to give birth. No matter what.

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August 1982


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Adley, David
A lawyer who visited the Club and worked for George Waterhouse since 1951.
Adley, Ellen
Wife of David.
Andrews, Peter
A lawyer who visited the Club.
Beaglemen, Hugh
Visited the Club for the Christmas Story.
Carden, Robert
Partner in the law firm where David Adley worked.
Carruthers, Lathrop
General in Gerard Tozeman's story.
Law brief of David Adley.
Davidson, Ella
Nurse who worked for Emlyn McCarron.
DeVille, Ternia
Name thought up by Emlyn McCarron.
Effinghouse, Henry
Partner in the law firm where David Adley worked.
Partner in the law firm where David Adley worked.
Gibbs, Mrs.
Blind Woman who hired Sandra Stansfield.
Gordon, Dexter
Played at a Jazz club where David Adley celebrated his junior partnership.
Gregson, George
Visited the Club.
Hanrahan, Arlene
Wife of John
Hanrahan, John
Visited the Club.
Harrison, John
Name of Sarah Stansfield's son. Visited the Club.
Kelly, Mrs.
Fired Sandra Stansfield when she became pregnant.
Partner in the law firm where David Adley worked.
Lennox, Terry
Character in a book called "The Long Goodbye".
McCarron, Emlyn
Doctor who told the story of the Breathing Method at the club.
Rosen, Norbert
Poet whose books were at the club. Born 1924
Rucklehouse, Betty
Name thought up by Emlyn McCarron.
Appointed by the mayor.
Seville, Edward Gray
Author of "These were our Brothers" (1911) and "Breakers" (1935) that were on the shelves at the club.
Smith, Jane
Name used by Sandra Stansfield to Emlyn McCarron.
Stansfield, Sandra
Single pregnant woman who visited Emlyn McCarron. Real name of "Jane Smith".
Stein, Harry
Visited the Club
Stett, Norman
Visited the Club
Doorman & Bartender at the Club.
Stevens, Wallace
Tozeman, Gerard
Visited the Club.
Waterhouse, George
Invited David Adley to the Club. Headed the law firm which Adley worked for.
White, Harriet
The first wife of Emlyn McCarron's father.
Woods, Joseph
Head of the law firm that Peter Andrews worked for.
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