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Patriarch Nathan Grantham was killed on Father’s Day by his long-suffering daughter Bedelia. On her way to the annual Father’s Day dinner with the remaining descendants, Bedelia stops at the cemetery where Nathan is buried accidentally spilling her whiskey bottle on his grave with unexpected consequences.


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?, Hank
Husband of Cassandra. Killed when the grave of Nathan Grantham falls on him.
?, Henry
Aunt Sylvia calls Hank, husband of Cassandra, Henry all the time
Danvers, Mrs.
The cook in the Grantham house
Grantham, Aunt Bedelia
She killed her demanding father on Fathers day, but comes to visit his grave each year of fathers day.
Grantham, Aunt Sylvia
She told the story about Bedelia killing her father
Grantham, Cassandra
Wife of Hank.
Grantham, Nathan
Father of Bedelia.
Grantham, Richard
Brother? of Cassandra
Yarbro, Peter Richard
Fiancee of Bedelia who was killed on orders of Nathan Grantham.
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