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June 1985

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June 1985
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Abersham, Carl
Died in the "Dancer"
Bensohn, John
Recognized the cap on the dead body of Stella
Blood, Harley
Friend of Alan Flanders
Bowie, Missy
Wife of Russell.
Bowie, Russell
Died trying to cross the frozen reach
Child, Frank
Owner of a boat
Curry, Al
Owner of a boat
Daniels, ?
Killed for molesting 3 little girls
Dinsmore, Freddy
He owned the Goat Island store; later sold it to Larry McKeen
Dinsmore, George
Son of Freddy
Dodge, Mary
Wife of Richard
Dodge, Richard
Went to Stella Flanders birthday party with his wife Mary
Dostie, Mr.
Jeweler on the Mainland
Flanders, Alden
Son of Bill and Stella
Flanders, Bill
Husband of Stella.
Flanders, Stella
Married name of Stella Godlin. The wife of Bill.
Frane, Annabelle
Mother of Sarah and wife of Tommy
Frane, Sarah
Daughter of Annabelle and Tommy. Married to George Havelock
Frane, Tommy
Husband of Annabelle
Godlin, Louis
Father of Stella
Godlin, Margaret
Mother of Stella
Godlin, Stella
Maiden name of Stella Flanders
Havelock, George (Big George)
Died of axe wound
Havelock, Sarah
Married name of Sarah Frane. Wife of George.
Henreid, Gerd
Broke a blood vessel in his chest while on Goat Island
Jolley, Norm
Owner of a Ford on the mainland
McClelland, Stewie
Friend of Russell Bowie.
McCracken, Ewell
Minister on Goat Island
McCracken, Justin
Son of Ewell
McKeen, Larry
Owner of Goat Island store
Perrault, David
Husband of Lois
Perrault, Hal
Son of Lois and David
Perrault, Lois
Wife of David. Married name of Lois Wakefield
Perrault, Lona
Daughter of Lois and David
Perrault, Tommy
Son of Lois and David
Phillips, Annie
Spoke to Vera Spruce on the phone
Phillips, Toby
Son of Annie
Spruce, Vera
Helped to make Stella's birthday cake
Stoddard, Hattie
Came to Stella's party
Stoddard, Madeline
Mother of Hattie.
Stoddard, Mr.
Father of Hattie
Symes, Bull
Symes, Gert
Molested as a child. Maine state teacher of the year
Symes, Harold
Son of Bull
Wakefield, Jane
Married name of the daughter of Stella and Bill
Wakefield, Lois
Daughter of Jane. See marred name of Lois Perrault
Wilson, Ettie
Wife of Norman
Wilson, Norman
Husband of Ettie
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