The Road Virus Heads North Art
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The Road Virus Heads North

The Road Virus Heads North Art


March 2002

Richard Kinnell buys a creepy painting at a yard sale which was painted by a metal-head neighbor of the woman running the yard sale just before he committed suicide.

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March 2002


"I actually have the picture described in this story, how weird is that? My wife saw it and thought I'd like it (or at least react to it), so she gave it to me as a . . . birthday present? Christmas present? I can't remember. What I can remember is that none of my three kids liked it. I hung it in my office, and they claimed the driver's eyes followed them as they crossed the room (as a very small boy, my son Owen was similarly freaked by a picture of Jim Morrison). I like stories about pictures that change, and finally I wrote this one about my picture."

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