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  1. C

    Acquiring performance rights for William Goldman's adaptation

    Hello!!! I've been trawling the internet looking high and low for information on whether the performance rights are available for Goldman's stage adaptation of MISERY. I found a similar thread from a few years ago that predated the Broadway production of it, so I'm not sure whether the rights...
  2. JonH

    Hello there!

    Hello all, I'm a 22 year old French-British director and playwright, and - most importantly - a Constant Reader of course!! I'm currently hoping to adapt one of King's works for the stage, however I have no idea how to get in touch with his agent... So if you have any advice, please do share...
  3. Camila Contreras Araya

    Adaptation and Change

    This novel is my favorite, but I need to know if Derry have some mention in adaptation. If somebody know something please talk with me. Sorry for my bad English, I'm Chilean girl :) Greetings to you readers:D Pd: I need to this adaptation have a mention about Pennywise. BIP BIP RICHIE:0:
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