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  1. M

    King as Reader of Dark Tower?!?

    When I listened to the dark tower on cd (or maybe even cassette!) about 15 years ago, I thought the series was read by Stephen King. Am I mistaken?
  2. CoriSCapnSkip

    Book and Audiobook Exchange, Trade, and Swap Sites

    So far I have obtained audiobooks from the following sources: --CDs as gifts from Family and friends, or bought myself if I really wanted or found on sale --CDs checked out from the library --Files borrowed from Overdrive and OneClick Digital through the library --Files purchased from Amazon...
  3. L

    IT audiobook

    Hi. Im new so excuse me if this has been answered. Im in the UK and trying to find an audio version of IT but so far this is fruitless. Any ideas constant readers? Thanks in advance Louise