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  1. Chaotichris

    Rose The Hat - Doctor Sleep

    Have you seen the Steam punk Tarot cards? The High Priestess is how I pictured Rose The Hat!!!
  2. Littlekellilee

    Theory About John Coffey (Spoiler Included)

    Hi everyone! I have a theory that John Coffey shines. He knows other's thoughts and feelings, and knows of other's illnesses. This is VERY similar to Danny Torrance in Doctor Sleep. John is even able to move illnesses between people. What are your thoughts on this?
  3. Arvind

    Abra R Stone

    Just a catchy name or more than that? How many of u still miss her? Also, any WHAT IF's? What if Abra grew up to be a powerful character and jointed the Marvel Universe. What if She became evil as she grew up? anything..