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  1. D

    How the Movie (or an HBO series) could fix continuity issues, Better Ending

    This is a post that is comprised of some comments I made on youtube. I really liked the idea I had as how the movie (or, preferably, an HBO game of thrones style series) could reconcile and fix some of the problems with the book series. The first part was in response to a question about what...
  2. A

    Spoilers: Theory and critic

    I have always heard that Stephen King is a great author and I should read his books. Revival is the first Stephen King book that I read. At first I really loved the book and the concept, however, the ending left me feeling disappointed. I felt that the afterlife after death lacked description...
  3. EMTP513

    Why do They Have Two Endings for this movie?

    I've never seen a movie that has two versions of endings. I like the one where he dies, no idea why. Although I couldn't watch it more than once bc I know someone who died in a fire. I have the movie with the ending where he lives but it seemed boring by comparison to the one where he dies...