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  1. Brash.Kid

    King Inspired

    Past Sunday I went to a concert and was surprised with one of the opening acts. The band Ice IX Kills features horror themes and characters through their songs. Seeing them dress up and perform was amazing! Though if you don't like heavy music then the band may not be for you. Yet, It is...
  2. R

    finding inspiration after The Stand

    Like I'm sure a lot of us on here, I've always wanted to be a writer, and have a bunch of half-finished novels. I just finished re-reading the Stand (first read it when I was a teenager, now in my 30s). And I'm just blown away. The story itself is great, but like all of his books, there's this...
  3. actonimpulses

    Delacroix vs Tafero

    The Green Mile is one of my favorite books of all time I read it four years ago. Love the film, only movie I've ever seen to fit a book so well. Recently I learned about the Tafero execution(1976) where he caught on fire due to them using a synthetic sponge instead of a natural sea sponge...