italian fan

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  1. alberto bernardini


    Caro Stephen King E'bellissimo ed emozionante come la forza dei perdenti che è in un casinò, non è un peccato, ma è un casino, un palloncino colorato? - bellissimo davvero bravissimo sei un bravissimo genio e maestro dell'horror e questo è davvero il tuo capolavopro assoluto complimenti...
  2. Pino

    About the Italian version of your work

    Hi Stephen, No idea if you get to read this message, but it's worth a try. I'm a 58 years old Italian that discovered how great and enjoyable your books are only when I became fluent in English. Before that I tried a few of the Italian translation and I decided you were a terrible writer...
  3. P

    thanks Stephen for On Writing

    Hi, I am italian, then so sorry for my poor English. But I really want to thank you for this book I bought many years ago. I read it many times, and everytime it gave me new input. Now its time for me to stop washing my car and start writing. Thanks, really thanks for this book, not your most...