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  1. Brash.Kid

    King Inspired

    Past Sunday I went to a concert and was surprised with one of the opening acts. The band Ice IX Kills features horror themes and characters through their songs. Seeing them dress up and perform was amazing! Though if you don't like heavy music then the band may not be for you. Yet, It is...
  2. MerlinFL

    How can Mr. King continue to allow his work to be ruined by Hollywood?!

    There are several quality exceptions. Three of these wonderful exceptions are all written for the screen as well as directed by Frank Darabont. Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, and The Mist. But what I'm completely baffled and honestly angered by is what is supposed to be The Dark Tower...
  3. melmo672

    Mel from Melbourne here.

    Hey everybody. I'm a writer and mum from Melbourne. My gateway King book was Pet Sematary, which I read when I was twelve, and I loved it. My favourite King book? That's a toss-up between Full Dark, No Stars and Cell. I read pretty much anything as long as it's good, and my other favourite books...
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