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  1. Devilhidinginplainsight

    Parents 20th Anniversary Trip

    Hi! My name is Amy Bauer and I'm writing on behalf of my mother, Holly Bauer. She's a huge fan and would love to be able to meet you (Stephen King) one day, although she swears it won't ever happen. When i asked her why you were her favorite author she said, "he has a wonderful imagination. His...
  2. C

    IT (2017) Merchandise - Derry or SK's Maine Map Poster

    I haven't seen much merchandise for the movie. I would love to get a poster of the Derry Sewer System Map from the movie. I've been looking for a poster size map of Derry or SK's fictional Maine in general and haven't found anything. Anyone seen any posters like these?
  3. C

    Best depiction of Maine in a Stephen King novel or story

    Hi all, I was wondering what ya'll think is the best depiction of Maine in one of Mr. King's books. I was leaning towards The Body or It, but I'd love to hear your opinion! Carl
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