movie vs book

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  1. Myra Smith

    Will Sleeping Beauties gonna be a Movie too?

    Somebody told me that Sleeping Beauties will have its film adaption coming in next few years. I was like "Really?" Then, out of curiosity, I went on to google and found that it's happening. Is it true? I mean would surely want an adaptation! Do You?
  2. Cheffie1983

    Book VS. Movie

    why do they always have to differ so greatly? I've loved SK books since I first read Salems Lot. I've laughed, I've cursed him for killing characters, and I've cried...much for the same reason. But the movies do not carry the same emotion. Why must they vary so much? Is it because SK is so...
  3. EMTP513

    Why do They Have Two Endings for this movie?

    I've never seen a movie that has two versions of endings. I like the one where he dies, no idea why. Although I couldn't watch it more than once bc I know someone who died in a fire. I have the movie with the ending where he lives but it seemed boring by comparison to the one where he dies...