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  1. Eric Thompson

    Connections Between Other Novels?

    I'm going to be completely honest. I have yet to read "Christine". But I have seen the movie directed by John Carpenter and I am very interested in reading it. So, my question is this-is there anything about the novel that connects to any of Stephen King's novels? I know in "It" that Henry...
  2. Eric Thompson

    How Much Does It Know? (IT & D.T Spoilers)

    I understand that It/Pennywise believes that the only two powerful beings that exist are Maturin and himself. Having said that, there have been several things in different books that overlap with things that happen in "It". In "Insomnia", the Crimson King calls on the power of what appears to be...
  3. C

    Publishing Error? (..and how much is that worth? haha)

    So I am currently visiting home for a week, and I am going through my dad's Stephen King collection and asked him why he had never finished reading the "Dark Tower" series. He began to explain it was so long ago he doesn't remember the exact reason. After about 10 minutes, he grabs the book from...