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  1. V

    Handwritten quote

    Hi everyone, I am getting the quote "Some birds aren't meant to be caged" tattooed, and I was wondering whether there's a picture of this quote anywhere handwritten by King himself? I am aware he doesn't do signings anymore so I know I have no chance to send him a letter and ask for it. The...
  2. Blake the Bard

    11/22/63 Tattoo

    Hey Everyone! My wife and I are going to see Mr. King next week in Naperville, IL. I was thinking of getting a tattoo to commemorate the occasion. My favorite book by him is 11/22/63. What could I get as a tattoo to represent that book?
  3. ARRsMommy

    New here...not sure where to post this

    I'm working on putting together a half sleeve tattoo. It's going to be a literature based tat. I would love to ask Mr. King himself but I doubt he'll see this. So what's the next best thing? Ask his fans! If Stephen King could use any Harry Potter character's wand, who's would it be?
  4. P

    Tattoo research

    Hi to all - Long time/First time here. I'm going to get a tattoo of the last line of The Long Walk and I'm trying to find out what font was used for the first edition. I've searched a bit but thought this might be a good source. I'll thank anyone appropriately if they can send me a PDF of the...