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  1. Coolallosaurus

    College Lit Course

    Hello All! I will be teaching an upper-level literature course on Stephen King in Spring 2019. I am planning the course now by re-reading King's entire body of work (fiction and non-fiction). So far I have re-read Carrie, 'Salem's Lot, The Shining, The Long Walk, Pet Sematary, Mr. Mercedes...
  2. I

    First Thread

    Briefly: I'm a high school teacher and I'm looking for resources to teach It. The Details: I'm a Special Education English teacher and I'm trying to help a fellow English teacher create a curriculum for It. But not a regular lesson plan or curriculum for a regular high school. We teach at a...
  3. Lonnie of New York

    Creating the Next Generation of Gunslingers...

    Mr. King and Fellow DT Enthusiasts - I am an English Teacher in Northern New York State and I have just completed an Elective I created where five students came along with me on the DT quest. We read each of the 8 primary books in the series, thousands and thousands of pages this year. I am...
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