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  1. Bill Ricardi

    Using the 'On Writing' method, broke 1 million Kindle page reads in 134 days.

    If anyone has doubts as to whether or not Mr. King's 'On Writing' system works, I just passed the 1 million Kindle page read mark by following it like a zealot. It took 134 days, using just the first two novels of a trilogy. If you're struggling to write, to publish, to focus, to commit: BUY...
  2. Bill Ricardi

    On Writing changed my career.

    I heard that there might be the slimmest of chances that Mr. King might read this. Well, I want him to know that he made me a success, so here I am. For the next hour, I'm going to keep my ass planted right here and specifically detail how 'On Writing' changed my career, and by proxy, my life...
  3. P

    thanks Stephen for On Writing

    Hi, I am italian, then so sorry for my poor English. But I really want to thank you for this book I bought many years ago. I read it many times, and everytime it gave me new input. Now its time for me to stop washing my car and start writing. Thanks, really thanks for this book, not your most...
  4. Sam Cel Roman

    oh lord who knows whether I'm posting this right LOL

    LOL this is so complicated, so sorry if I'm pissing off anyone operating this website Hi there, First, let me say thank you!! Your books have been a gift to me over the years, and I thank you for writing each and every one of them. I can't say I've read everything you ever wrote, but it's...