the dark tower movie

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  1. H

    The Dark Tower Movie is just another rotation in the wheel of ka?

    With so many negative reviews on the movie, I felt compelled to ask the question...could this movie just be another revolution in the wheel of Ka? In the last book, when Roland finally reached the top of the Dark Tower, he ended up starting all over again. As it only could have been, as...
  2. Daniel Tooker

    Idris Enhanced eyes

    Idris Elba really, really should have color enhanced eyes for the film. Here's my why: Going through basic military training one of my TI's (training instructors) had blue eyes and she was black. It was agreed upon, although largely unspoken, that it was difficult to make eye contact with...
  3. W

    Petition for a Netflix show based on the REAL story

    It would be a dream come true. A TV series closely based on the books; with the right order (starting season one with "The Gunslinger") and let Roland look like Roland. Let them do the movie; that's fine. But give US this one instead. Petition · Netflix: We want Netflix to do Stephen...