writing process

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  1. U

    Just a thank you

    Hi from the UK I've just finished reading On Writing and wanted to say thanks. The book has given me much to think about - particularly on plot. I've been a plotter for my first two books and now wonder if I've been writing-by-numbers. I'm just beginning the second edit of my first book and...
  2. Alibel

    "On writing" thank you letter

    Hi. I found this website because of the book. I'm finishing it. I'm enjoying it a lot. First of all, i'm not a native english speaker. I've learned english because I wanted to say what Tom DeLonge was singing when i was 13. Since then, i've learn very very slowly (because even if my school has...
  3. C

    Help - looking for author reference

    In Bazaar of Bad Dreams, Stephen makes reference to author of what he perceives to be the best book about writing ever. Excerpt describes characters gathering around a fire from across a dark plain. Can anyone tell me the name of the author and/or the book?
  4. Christine62

    About Writing

    I thought I would start a thread about writing since Mr. King is so generous about educating us about his process. I was listening to a talk of his where he was speaking to writing students and he said, "Listen, you have to look." He was talking about that fly on the wall quality that all great...
  5. E

    On Writing - 2

    Mr. King, would you consider creating a sequel to your book, "On Writing"... adding more material about the writing process? What made that book even more interesting were the autobiographical frames you spliced with the notes on the writing process. I'm sure my next comment might cause you to...