How would you do it?

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Dec 10, 2015
Let’s assume for a moment that the film is a smashing success and we end up getting a second and third film as those in charge have planned. Let’s also assume, to do the material justice on screen, each film will be 2.5 - 3 hours in length. If we were to compare the source content vs the film content, it goes without saying that quite a bit will be cut out. I pose the question; if you were the film runners, what would you cut out without sacrificing the story…Better yet, what would your movie outline be?

If I had my way, I would do a long running TV series a la "Game of Thrones", but that is not the question. How would you do it if you only had 3 films to play with...

Look forward to your thoughts.

Robert Gray

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Eh. I'd rather not. If you are going to ask me how I would do it, it wouldn't start with a divergent adaptation. I've been impressed with the Graphic Novels certainly. As a purist, I would storyboard the existing books, or use the graphic novels for the storyboards and film those. That is about as progressive as I get when adapting books to films.
Dec 10, 2015
Super rough but this is how I think I would do it if I were constrained to a 3 part movie a la LotR:

1st movie:
Roland and MIB get established as characters
Refer to the Horn of Eld and why it is significant
Set up the idea that there are many worlds and “thin” places and doors
Jake needs to be drawn and introduced as a pivotal player
I think the palaver they have at the end of gunslinger is supremely important and sets up what is at stake
I think we need to elude to who and what the baddies are…taheen, Crimson king etc.
I think we need to introduce the connections to Kings universe somehow

Move to part 2:
Drawing of Eddie & Susannah but it may be too much content to fully go into their back story...
Blaine & Lud or skip Lud and go straight to the Calla
Introduce the rest of the significant players, Pere Callahan, King, Patrick Danville etc.
I don’t think Mordred will be part of it as I think MIB and the Crimson King will be the main antagonists
Battle ensues

Move to Part 3:
End part of the journey, mostly set in END world
Agul Siento
White lands of Empathica
Field of Roses
The Tower

If we get a TV series, it would definitely help in adding in a LOT of the content we know and love. But if we were only limited to 3 films of 3 hours each, the above would be my rough outline.
A few notes:
- I would have to cut out the whole wolves story (not the pere callahan part or doorway cave, but everything else).
- I would also have to cut Susan’s story
- I would have to cut most or all of Song of Susannah…keeping the KING stuff
- MIB will be weaved in and out of the story and show up countless times throughout

That being said though...I believe the movie we are getting will be a new journey with the Horn of Eld, and everything is up for grabs...


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Oct 9, 2013
There won't be an official one for another couple of months according to information I got from the production office earlier this week.
I like the interpretation The Nerdist is making from Mr. King's tweet (probably others have made the same interpretation, but that's the story I read)--that the story might be a sequel to the books, a compliment rather than a derivation. That would open the possibilities immensely! It's intriguing, to say the least :)


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Aug 20, 2016

I know an old thread and I'm no movie genius or nothing but if I was doing a more straight adaptation and had an unlimited budget....I'd do it like this.

The Gunslinger-2h movie (on the longer end of 2h) and maybe work with SK to fit some new stuff in if we wanted

Drawing of The Three- 3h (longer end of three hours) or so movie to introduce Eddie and Detta/Odetta

The Wastelands-3h (longer end of three hours movie to deal with all that

Netflix or HBO series with ten-fifteen one hour episodes or maybe even more of season 1 to cover Wizard and Glass and Wind Through The Keyhole segments

Season 2 of Netflix and HBO series for Wolves of The Calla and Song of Susannah

Then finish it up with Dark Tower movie or Song of Susannah could be a movie as well. Also an arc for Little Sisters of Eluria can be told as a flashback in Season 1 or 2 of my head tv series.
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