Imagine with CGI

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Oct 28, 2019
With CGI, maybe with Dwayne Johnson, King has worked with soo many great great actors, or if not worked with, many great actors are part of his overall legacy of enabling movies
That would be amazing,

This one will be one to watch for, again.
Later instead of saying cgi, I'd say virtual tours or whatnot, the next remake thereafter, etc etc..

*I didn't realize this was King's, same with his prison movies, and the irony is, these are the ones which esteem hope and virtue against hopelessness, and yet are not the typical movie horror we might otherwise expect..



Flaming Wonder Telepath
May 15, 2018
I feel like every movie that hires Dwayne Johnson ends up becoming another mediocre attempt at a summer blockbuster. I’ve yet to read The Runningman, but wasn’t the main character in the book skinny and unfit and definetly not what Arnold Shwarzeneggar played?


Oct 28, 2019
First, a brief on movie and book story differences…

Book: a guy trying to make ends with family

Movie cop refusing to fire into a crowd

Feedback: A bit of both… Does he even have to be good?

Book: he goes through a process to enter game...

Feedback: That sounds very interesting, would be nice to see process of elimination, separates it from Hunger games, then again King was first

Book: bounty hunters... means as movie remake they would have way more personality

Movie: wrester size

Feedback: Maybe a place for telekinesis script King never used, I’m curious how far in future this would be

Book, win for money... can feel like roman gladiatorum, like opportunity and celebration

Movie win for freedom

Feedback: Maybe a movie slogan, money is freedom

Book: Travels across country

Movie: Enclosed location

Feedback: Maybe the enclosed location is the process of elimination

Book: headquarters in middle of slums

Movie: headquarters is grand

Feedback: Slums lets you film worldwide, headquarters is amazing as cgi city scapes…

book: everyone out for themselves

movie: organized resistance

Feedback: Within hierarchy, the both collide?

Book: no wrestling

Movie: wrestling scenes

Feeback: I guess depends on lead actor, I retract saying use the Rock, it’s been done basically

Book: the world is found to be bleak and mean and becomes the validation for the hq to be attacked

Movie: the gameshow is found to be cruel and mean, and becomes the validation for the hq to be attacked

Feedback: This is were King would enhance movie most?

Book and movie, big contrast between rich and poor

Book and movie: He attacks the headquarters

Feedback: The predictable element is perhaps the least like King’s other works?

issue with book: the wife or mother has to whore herself, so the sickly girl is the daughter of a whore, perhaps little sympathy

issue with movie: he doesn’t fight for family, he fight for or with jail cell mates he just met

Ok so other conclusions?

As book the movie needs heavy cgi to budget? Which led to enclosed area? if movie continues where original ends, shows how irrelevant their actions were, makes things more chaotic, and in same time thus using best of both new and old story (thinking of how Pet Cemetery was done), to make its own as remake…

Perhaps expensive gear is part of the game (very video game, chests? And video games currently make more than movies1), maybe like part of the initial processing is an auction for sponsors

Things I'd expect to see:

-Scavenger stalkers

-Fans that prove love or hate are both deadly to participants

-Bloody fights that are ironic, have nothing to do with the movie, maybe like some of participants are killed by locals, and so almost is the hero for thinking they saved him with purpose

Anyhow cheers

*These ideas are for King to use if he reads them
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