Saw Trucks, a Remake of Maximum Overdrive (spoiler alert)

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Oct 28, 2019
Just watched Trucks… it’s a remake of Maximum Overdrive (spoiler alert)

In some ways it’s a prelude to the upcoming smart cars, driverless, in some ways I can see this being relevant as sci fi now, beyond the horror of then.

There is a cute part with a little remote-control truck joins the killing spree…

Because of Bullet Train, I wonder if a remake would have us see the demons driving the trucks, then again, I think the movie box had the trucks themselves with demon faces

In some ways, this movie or story feels like an answer to why weren’t the people afraid of the traffic in Pet Cemetery, or rather that people should fear traffic

At the end, it seemed like the trucks might have been all alive by telekinesis, and perhaps the guy responsible, was being saved by a helicopter… Or maybe the helicopter was like angelic

I can see why Christine was developed instead, it’s kinda not my thing… on a city scale it would look insanely wow, or rather wha..

Feedback: King has done alot of accident victim ghost and haunts, I wonder if they would fill into a remake, and all the materials are there though, to kinda focus it... I think you need brand name grand examples, I'm thinking racing fans, construction machines, military hardware, emergency vehicles, and swarms of... something youthful. I wonder if this one can be remade.