Spoilers - Gerald’s Game Easter Eggs

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Feb 27, 2018
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Gerald’s Game

Jessie has a psychic vision of Dolores Clairborne shoving her husband down a well during the eclipse.

Mention of Chamberlain, Maine, the setting of Carrie.

Jessie thinks of « It » waiting for some children to dangle a foot or a hand over the bed.

The phrase my dog has fleas they bite his knees is also used in The Stand.

Mention of Derry, Maine. This is also the setting of the novel It. Also mentioned in many of King’s work up to now.

Norris Ridgewick (now Sheriff of Castle Rock) catches Joubert. Ridgewick has also made appearances in The Dark Half and Needful Things. It is mentioned that he learned everything from his predecessor Alan Pangborn, also from The Dark Half and Needful Things.

Joubert has spent some time in The Juniper Hill asylum. Same as Henry Bowers (It) and Nettie Cobb (Needful Things). Also Mentioned in The Dark Half, The Sun Dog and Tommyknockers.
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