Article Regarding: Guns (an Essay By Stephen King)

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    ...I am among the majority of gun owners who are "responsible"...there are more of us that are, than are beer swilling wing-nuts with itchy trigger fingers, and please-know that "fully machine fire " weapons are already illegal without special permit, or unless you are military, law enforcement etc...
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    Why would anyone boast about it? I was shot and clinically died before life flight saved me. Personally I think it was embarrassing to be shot especially because of how it happened.
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    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ...consider the population in which I work...these 'bangers think it's a mark of distinction to have been shot multiple times...
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    Because of liberal permissive constitutional protection and laws regarding gun ownership, we have the means to protect ourselves better than many others in the world. We also have an extremely high death rate from guns.

    Some people consider that a good trade-off. Others don't. Our Constitution favors those who do.
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