Big Driver to be a Lifetime Movie....

Discussion in 'Big Driver' started by SutterKane, Jun 24, 2014.

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    I edited it after you saw it.
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    I loved this story in FDNS and am really looking forward to it. Mario Bello is a fantastic choice because she can be both vulnerable and a badass. I never thought I would utter these words but I can't wait to see a movie on Lifetime!
    (full disclosure: I recently watched The Unauthorized Story of Saved By the Bell and The Brittany Murphy Story :a11:)
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    I saw this today thanks to a preview screener from Lifetime. Whoa. No punches pulled here. Parts of the first half hour are very hard to watch.

    It's very faithful to the novella, although some things are shifted around and some extended scenes in the text are tightened up. It's very much a one-woman show -- Bello is in every second of it. Olympia Dukakis is pretty funny as the personification of one of Tess's characters.

    This was filmed in and around Halifax, NS. I'm pretty sure I recognized buildings from the Dalhousie University campus (my alma mater) early in the film.
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    Have the date circled. Sound like a winner.

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