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    This thread is for those of you who submit creative endeavors to the Gallery XIX area and would like to direct the community to your work. :: Gallery XIX
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  3. Walter Oobleck

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    Curious images...considering what I've been the images there coincide with ideas at play in much of King's stories...and what I'm reading now. Do you have a list of the various posters? Or, how did you create that total image? I'd be curious to look into the various posters and what they depict if such a list is available. One can almost decipher the content from the image...but for overlaps the other.
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  4. Hello Walter, to be honest I just searched on the net for handbills from around 1977 (the time of this scene from The Waste Lands takes place) and custom made a couple of them which were not available such as G Gordon Liddy and the Grotts. I do have a list of the various posters and handbills that I could post if you like however I don't have the links at hand.
    I created the image with a free program called Blender 3d :)
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  5. Walter Oobleck

    Walter Oobleck keeps coming back...or going, and going, and going

    Yeah...I'm curious about the various handbills. Good word...couldn't think of that word when I posted. Or you could send me the list in a private message although maybe some others are interested. Once I have that I can do my own looking...for connections...the wave.
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